Unlocking the power of data

How UC students can create supply chain solutions for businesses

Data has revolutionized the way businesses manage their supply chains. But a lot of data requires a lot of analysis, and University of Cincinnati capstone students can help companies wrangle it all, particularly when the human supply chain is low.

Here's why it matters

Sophisticated data analysis helps organizations track the entire process of producing and distributing goods or services from inception through delivery.

Organizations need skilled workers who can efficiently gather, analyze and apply data to drive business results. However, talent shortages in the supply chain industry continue to stunt growth, for a variety of factors:

  • A rapidly expanding, increasingly complex supply chain industry
  • Absence of workers with specialized skills and expertise in data analytics
  • An aging workforce with many seasoned workers near retirement
  • Lack of training and education programs for the supply chain industry

As companies struggle to fill open positions, UC students can help fill in the gaps.

How tech-savvy students deliver for companies  

Kroger is one of many corporations that have partnered with UC through the 1819 Innovation Hub for solutions to the supply chain talent shortage.

“Understanding key data is essential for successful supply chain outcomes,” said Dan Whitacre, senior director of Kroger Labs and Transformation. “Kroger embraces the diversity of thought and perspectives, and the partnership with UC provides direct access to UC STEM students from various backgrounds and majors. They contribute fresh viewpoints, concepts and methods, resulting in improved outcomes for Kroger systemwide.”  

I was able to build customized data solutions, which facilitate decision-making for higher management and store and division leaders, directly resulting in better store fulfillment and, thus, better customer experience.

Abhijith Antony Graduate student, Carl H. Lindner College of Business

Case in point

A capstone team led by Abhijith Antony, graduate student in UC’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business, applied advanced analytical tools to enhance Kroger’s supply chain. Using company data on supply chains, sales, products, customers and promotions, the team employed the Microsoft PowerBI tool and R programming language to provide insights and visualizations.

“We worked closely with store associates and used data to help them run their stores efficiently,” Antony, who graduated in 2020 with a Master of Science in business analytics, said in his abstract. “I was able to build customized data solutions, which facilitate decision-making for higher management and store and division leaders, directly resulting in better store fulfillment and, thus, better customer experience.”

What companies get when partnering with UC

  • Direct access to STEM students and faculty  
  • Cost-effective options for talent
  • Insights into new technologies
  • Diversity of creative solutions
  • Talent development, with the potential for students to become future company leaders

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