Fast Company: 5 things you can do when someone talks over you

UC's Suzanne Boys gives tips on appropriate ways to engage when interrupted

When you feel you are being interrupted or cut off by an over talker, body language cues are an excellent way to get your point across, says UC communication expert Suzanne Boys.

Boys, a professor educator and interim head of the University of Cincinnati’s School of Communication, Film, and Media Studies, was selected by the publication "Fast Company" to provide insight and tips that can assist with not being overlooked in conversation. 

In the article, Boys says, if you want to speak, then you need to stop top nodding, “mmm-hmmm-ing,” or looking away, adding that physically leaning into the conversation is a visible cue that you have something to say. Other cues include make strong eye contact, raise a finger or hand, or touch the other speaker’s arm, if appropriate.

The article also provides additional insight on the specific phrasing to use when you feel you are being overlooked.

UC’s School of Communication, Film, and Media Studies offers students a wide range of courses, internships and co-ops, and other experiences that will propel them into the careers of tomorrow in the rapidly changing media and communication industry.

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