Aunt Minnie: Transgender curriculum improves awareness among radiologists

Aunt Minnie recently highlighted research from the University of Cincinnati that found a radiology-oriented transgender curriculum showed success in increasing radiologists' awareness about transgender patients. The study was published March 11 in Academic Radiology.

The research team was led by Charmi A. Vijapura, MD, assistant professor of clinical radiology in UC's College of Medicine. They noted it's important for radiologists to be aware of transgender patients' particular needs in order to provide them with quality care.

"By understanding the needs of transgender patients, radiology residents can help promote an equitable and inclusive environment in radiology departments," the study authors wrote.

Vijapura and the team created a curriculum that outlines best practices for transgender patients and interviewed 10 residents who participated to evaluate the curriculum. Residents showed increased awareness and knowledge of transgender patient care in medicine and radiology following the curriculum.

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