PsyCom Pro: ADHD treatments may also help executive function deficits

New research from Massachusetts General Hospital found that currently available treatments for ADHD in adults also have positive effects on executive function.

While not included in the official criteria for ADHD, executive function deficits including difficulty maintaining attention and concentration; holding information in working memory; and planning, organizing and executing tasks.

The University of Cincinnati's Jeffrey Strawn, MD, treats patients with ADHD and told PsyCom Pro that executive function deficits sometimes underlie many of the difficulties patients experience.

“These include forgetting important items, disorganization, and difficulty shifting from one topic to another in conversation, and may even relate to impulsivity and risk-taking in some,” said Strawn, professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience in UC’s College of Medicine and a UC Health child and adolescent psychiatrist.

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Featured photo at top courtesy of Unsplash.

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