UC’s chief innovation and strategy officer pens article on AI and ChatGPT

Advanced artificial intelligence is a disruptive technology

Good technologies make ripples, but great technologies make ruptures.

Ryan M. Hays, PhD
Executive Vice President
President-Executive Office

Ryan Hays

“The internet and iPhone, and the PC before them, were rupture technologies. They divided our lives into before and after. And there’s good reason to believe advanced artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT-4, will do the same," University of Cincinnati Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer Ryan Hays wrote in an op-ed in the Cincinnati Business Courier, published May 22.

"Perhaps the most pressing question for advanced AI is this: How high is up?”

By comparison, Hays wrote, the internet and iPhone have been made better by humans, but an increasing number of bots can solve problems they have never seen before. 

It’s called emergent behavior, and it has the potential to disrupt our everyday lives. But it’s up to us to discern where we want AI to stop and our own decision-making to begin, Hays noted. 

AI tools like ChatGPT, for example, can streamline the process of writing, but there is a difference between allowing artificial intelligence to assist us with writing versus delegating the bulk of the work to a bot, he wrote. 

Read more in the Business Courier.

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