Local 12: Federal government heading toward potential shutdown

UC economics professor says inflation could exacerbate the effects

The United States government is heading toward a potential shutdown, which could have wide-ranging effects, Local 12 reported.

Erwin Erhardt

Erwin Erhardt, PhD professor - educator, Department of Economics

There have been 20 government shutdowns since 1976. The last one, which occurred in 2018, was the longest in U.S. history at 34 days.

In the event of a shutdown, federal safety net programs could be disrupted, which could add to the struggles some Americans already are facing due to the current economic conditions.

“I think that what makes this situation different is mixing this with a lot of inflation,” said Erwin Erhardt, PhD, professor – educator of economics in the University of Cincinnati's Carl H. Lindner College of Business.

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Featured image at top: United States Capitol. Photo/Florian Pintar on Unsplash

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