WVXU: Federal funds for higher education are now available to Ohioans with disabilities

A new state grant will provide financial assistance to college degree programs, but not TAP

Katie Norland, director, Transition and Access Program at the University of Cincinnati, was a featured guest on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition.

The topic of discussion was a state grant, approved by Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine, to invest $2.1 million in assistance for students with disabilities. According to the interview, eligible Ohio students registered through the state agency Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities can get up to $7,000 in funds that they can use toward college tuition and other accessibility expenses. The grant includes students with disabilities participating in colleges, apprenticeships, trade schools, and credentialing programs.

However, students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Transition and Access Program (TAP) and other inclusive postsecondary education programs in Ohio are not eligible for these funds. According to TAP administrators, OOD officials are saying that TAP, an inclusive postsecondary education program, is not industry-recognized credentialling or degree-seeking programs so for that reason, not eligible for the funding.

Listen to the interview. 

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