UC staffer champions student entrepreneurs at Startup Cincy Week

Nurturing innovation at UC and beyond

In higher education, individuals like Josie Dalton stand out.

As the assistant director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Cincinnati, Dalton nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit in students.

Dalton strives to inspire all who seek to transform their ideas into reality. Be it a groundbreaking app or a budding clothing brand, she is committed to empowering students to dream big and achieve higher goals by connecting them with opportunities along their entrepreneurial journeys.

Next month, Dalton will champion student entrepreneurs at the annual StartupCincy event. Scheduled for Oct. 23-26, the event will bring together entrepreneurs, investors and innovators from the region and across the nation for cutting-edge knowledge, networking opportunities and resources. 

In the know

During StartupCincy week, students will have numerous opportunities to learn and network with industry influencers.

This year, at Dalton’s suggestion, the event will feature a special session that showcases student entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship programs at regional universities and student talent flow in the greater Cincinnati innovation ecosystem.

The following universities have agreed to participate: 

  • University of Cincinnati
  • Miami University
  • Xavier University
  • Northern Kentucky University
  • Thomas More University

Representing UC is Jason Murray, a biomedical engineering undergraduate who has participated in various programs, including the Innovation Challenge, the New Venture Championship and the UC 1819 Innovation Hub Venture Lab pre-accelerator and accelerator programs. His innovative venture, Teravus, is dedicated to advancing emergency health care management and patient monitoring through the use of cutting-edge digital tools. 

Do the hustle

The theme of Startup Cincy 2023 is "Homegrown Hustle," a testament to Cincinnati’s entrepreneurial heritage and its collective drive to foster a vibrant culture of innovation.

“The message is clear, and we hope it resonates with students that the potential for entrepreneurship and career opportunities is right here in Cincinnati. If you're graduating from college, you should live here,” Dalton said.

Dalton, who has a background working for tech accelerators focusing on social impact and alternative investments, has played a key role in the StartupCincy planning committee since 2017.

She applauds the universities' entrepreneurship programs for consistently producing talented students. Dalton cites impressive student-led startups at UC as examples. She sees the upcoming session at StartupCincy as a chance for academic institutions to unite and highlight their student superstars.

Proof of concept

StartupCincy continues to grow in popularity each year. Dalton believes that student showcase has the potential to evolve into a recurring session at the annual event, expanding its impact.

"We're not just boasting about our institutions and programs or competing," Dalton said. "We're dedicated to showcasing our student entrepreneurs on stage and having them share the impact of their program experiences. It paints an inspiring picture of the talent our institutions contribute to innovation and the economy, from student-led ideas to commercialization."

Dalton highlights the following advantages for students attending StartupCincy:

  • Networking with experienced entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts
  • Valuable insights and mentorship
  • Increased visibility for student enterprises, potentially attracting partners and investors

"I'm thankful for the positive response from the contacts at other universities. Their enthusiasm for this new session idea is promising. Together, we can effectively show aspiring entrepreneurs that relocating here is a smart choice. Our entrepreneurial programs are dedicated to nurturing talented students with the potential for success," Dalton said.

Event details

Startup Cincy will feature mainstage speakers and panels, workshops and roundtables at Union Hall, followed by happy hours and meetups throughout the neighborhood. Tickets are available at the Startup Cincy website. Registration is free for students from all five participating universities, but students must use their .edu email address and register using a special link.

Featured image at top: Josie Dalton.

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