CECH now offers student career services through the college's Student Services Center

Assistant director of career development Charlie Thornton helps students navigate next steps

Charlie Thornton is the assistant director of career development in UC’s College of Education, Criminal Justice, Human Services, and Information Technology (CECH), where he works out of the Student Services Center. In this role Thornton provides one-on-one career coaching with an in-depth focus on career education and professional development.

His work with students and UC alumni can range from exploring careers that match an individual’s interests or major all the way through negotiating a final job offer — and everywhere in between those two major career milestones. He also works with staff and faculty to help facilitate career education in the classroom.

“My goal is to be a resource for all CECH students and provide a space where they can participate in career exploration, planning and development,” says Thornton. “Whether they are writing their first resume or interviewing for their first internship, I am here to help!”

A Few Important Questions

We asked Thornton a few questions so we (and you) can get to know this important CECH resource provider.

Photo of Charlie Thornton provided by CECH

What do you enjoy about your work? 

In the simplest of terms, I enjoy supporting students. I started college here at UC as an exploratory student and ended up studying communication and public relations. After doing a PR internship my senior year and very much disliking it, though, I had to go back to square one and rethink what was next. I know what it is like to have no idea what might happen after graduation, and my goal is to support students through that.

How can people best prepare for a meeting with you?

One comment I get frequently from students is that they feel lost or behind when it comes to connecting their education to a career. Within five minutes of our first conversation, that almost always turns out not to be the case. Come to the conversation with an open mind and an understanding that we will more than likely not solve the large question of “What do I want to do with my life?” in the context of a 30-minute meeting. There are no wrong answers during our conversation, only yours, and that honesty will help us get the most out of our time and allow us to game-plan for what is next. What is important is starting the conversation, and I encourage students to reach out early and often.

What kinds of things do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Outside of work my two main hobbies are running and golfing — aside from the typical resting and relaxing that I hope most people get around to. I started running in 2019 and enjoy the marathon and 50k as a distance. You can almost always find me flying with the pigs each May. Golf has seen considerably less success since I picked it up in 2021ish after hating it for my entire life. However, I still enjoy getting beat by whomever I am playing with.

Get in Touch

Have a career concern you need help with? Get in touch with Thornton to talk through resources, strategies and tactics to determine potential action steps. Visit the Student Success Team’s bookings link to schedule a 30-minute virtual or in-person initial appointment to work with Thornton and the CECH Student Services Center on your career goals.

Feature photo at top of Charlie Thornton speaking with a student provided by CECH.

Headshot of Charles Richard Thornton

Charles Richard Thornton

Asst Dir Career Develop & Placement, CECH Student Services Center

Teachers College


About the Student Services Center

The Student Services Center in the College of Education, Criminal Justice, Human Services, and Information Technology (CECH) is committed to students through partnerships that promote individual interests and abilities while providing access to academic, career and life plans. Center staff encourages and supports opportunities for self-discovery and continuous learning. Current CECH students can schedule an appointment with an advisor through My Bearcat Network, while prospective CECH students should email to set up an appointment.

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