Bridging creativity and commerce

UC King Scholars Fund awardee blends marketing savvy with artistic flair to pave unique path

In the bustling corridors of the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business, Victoria Mrofchak stands out not just for her academic excellence but for her remarkable blend of creativity and business acumen. A fourth-year marketing major with a minor in management and fine arts, Mrofchak is shaping her future at the intersection of art and commerce.

As a triplet, Mrofchak’s brother and sister attended Ohio State, but seizing the best of two worlds, Mrofchak chose UC for its prestigious Lindner College of Business and College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP).

“I aim to merge my studies in marketing and management with my passion for fine arts, particularly photography,” says Mrofchak. “Photography is pivotal for creating compelling advertising, and I’m honing my skills to bring a creative edge to marketing.”

Her journey is not just about mastering the technicalities of photography but understanding its broader impact. “Photography helps me develop a creative mindset for graphic design,” she explains. “Knowing how to compose a photo translates into effective graphic layouts for various products and services.”

Scholarship’s sweet rewards

close up portrait of UC Dean Mairanne Lewis, student Victoria Mrofchak and Robert King facing forward.

Mrofchak (center) and Dean Marianne Lewis (left), enjoyed celebrating her scholarship with Robert King (right), the King Scholars Fund Scholarship donor. Photo provided

Aiding in her academic pursuits, Mrofchak’s dedication was recently recognized with the prestigious Robert ’78 and Cathy ’78 King Scholars Fund Scholarship.

“Putting myself through college is a struggle and burden for so many people including myself, however with the support of UC’s Lindner College of Business and the King family, I know I am not in this alone,” says Mrofchak. “Coming from a single parent household, I was no stranger to hard work as my mom inspired my two siblings and me every day to shoot for the stars and dream big just as she does.

“Receiving the King Scholarship for three consecutive years is an incredible honor,” she beams. “I’m deeply grateful to the King family for their generous support.”

Four men and women sit around a podcast table wearing headphones facing forward.

Mrofchak (second from right) participated in episode four of Lindner's Setting the PACE podcast along with, from left, host Ric Sweeney, professor of marketing; Abby Elmore, 2023 PACEsetter; and Max Renay-Lopes, 2022 and 2023 PACEsetter. Photo provided

Consistently on the Dean’s List, Mrofchak furthered her accomplishments by receiving the 2022, 2023 and 2024 Lindner Undergraduate PACEsetter awards, recognizing her exemplary Professionalism, Academics, Character, and Engagement.

The PACEsetter distinction is reserved for students who perform strongly in the classroom, are active in student organizations, volunteer and serve in their communities and seek out co-ops and other experiences that round out their professional portfolio.

The King Scholarship, funded by Lindner Life Benefactors and alums Robert J. and Cathy Murphy King, is awarded to top preforming Lindner PACEsetter students in recognition of overall excellence, achievement and who show potential for continued success.

“The PACEsetter distinction is a testament to the incredible opportunities at UC and Lindner College,” she notes.

Beyond academics

Five men and women sit at a table speaking to a crowd in a room with a slide screen behind them.

As part of the co-op student and alumni panel in Lindner's Career Success Strategies course, Mrofchak enjoyed speaking to freshman business students about the impact of co-op experiential learning. Photo provided

Mrofchak’s involvement extends beyond the classroom. She is a member of Lindner Women in Business, a 2022 inducted Lindner Ambassador and a presidential member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

"As a Lindner Ambassador, I love speaking to prospective students about my ‘Why UC.’ It’s inspiring to recruit future Bearcats and share our community's spirit," she enthuses.

Not stopping there, Mrofchak also participates in community service, including volunteer work with the Hoxworth Blood Center — balancing that with intramural sports, involvement in the American Marketing Association at UC and part-time and fulltime co-op roles at both UC's Conference and Event Services and London Computer Systems, further showcasing her engagement in diverse campus activities.

Reflecting on her college experience, Mrofchak highlights the resilience she built during the pandemic. “Entering college during COVID was challenging, but it made me a stronger and more confident businesswoman,” she recalls.

"Without Lindner, DAAP and UC, I wouldn't be the person I am today," she says.

Creative calling

Collage of several black and white photographs of Cincinnati bridges.
Collage of several color photos of Cincinnati's Findley Market.

Above: As part of her photo design and DSLR course associated with her fine art's minor at DAAP, Mrofchak displayed several collages for critique in DAAP's Tabula Rasa School of Art Gallery. On left is her black and white self-guided project, 'Capturing urban essence: Architectural photography exploring Cincinnati with the absence of nature.' On right, her color collage capturing the environment and atmosphere of Findlay Market. Photos provided

Adding management and fine arts minors to her curriculum required Mrofchak to extend her undergraduate semesters, postponing her graduation until spring of 2025.

“I’m excited about my final year at UC and the opportunities it holds,” says Mrofchak. “I haven’t yet had the chance to participate in marketing research publications, but I’m eager for that experience in my capstone project next year.

“My coursework and practical experiences at UC so far have been instrumental in my growth as a person and a leader.”

As she embarks on her last academic year, Mrofchak will continue interning with London Computer Systems in Cincinnati, blending a creative flair with her business skills in preparation for an innovative and successful marketing future.

Featured image at top: Victoria Mrofchak proudly accepts the King Scholars Fund Scholarship from donor Robert J. King. Photo provided

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