WalletHub: 5 best chip and pin credit cards

In a WalletHub story identifying the best chip and pin credit cards for consumers, Cincinnati Law’s Susan Stephan, Director of the MLS Program, provided expert commentary about the adoption of chip and pin credit cards in the United States.

“The adoption of chip-and-PIN credit cards has been relatively slow in the U.S., particularly compared to other countries including Canada, Japan, and - notably - the European Union,” said Stephan. “Although more secure than chip and signature cards that still dominate the U.S., upgrading payment systems to support chip-and-PIN can be expensive for businesses, and there has not yet been a significant consumer push for the technology.”

A chip and PIN credit card is a card that contains a small computer chip and gives users a 4-digit personal identification number (PIN) to enter when making purchases. Chip and PIN credit cards provide improved security compared to chip and signature cards and magnetic stripe cards.

In the WalletHub article, Stephan also addressed the biggest misconceptions about “chip” cards, using the cards internationally, and the safety of chip and pin cards versus other types.

Read Stephan’s full interview: "5 Best Chip and Pin Credit Cards".  


Lead photo: istockphoto.com

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