When BusinessWeek Surveyed UC College of Business Undergrads, They Raved About Lindner Honors-PLUS

For many years,


has ranked MBA programs. In March 2007, they rated undergraduate programs for only the second year — and

UC’s College of Business made the cut, coming in at No. 79.


surveyed colleges across the United States on such things as programs, enrollment, test scores and alumni starting salaries. They surveyed current students as well as corporate recruiters. The students’ input carried the most weight of any other single category of measurement. And UCstudents had some great things to say.

Every student who mentioned the Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS program exuded appreciation for it:

“The Lindner Honors-PLUS Business Program is what attracted me to the University of Cincinnati. "It's an outstanding program designed for highly motivated business students and gives them opportunities not seen in other universities, such as internship and co-op work experience, an international trip to learn about the global market with company visits, and a professional network in the business world. Graduating from this program will give me an advantage in the professional world.”

“As a member of the Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS program within the UC College of Business, I've had an extraordinary opportunity to participate not only in what the CoB has to offer but I've also had exemplary advisers, professors, and courses at my fingertips. This is a specialty honors business program that has far exceeded anything available at the other universities I considered.”

“Honors-PLUS program within the college of business is outstanding. Honors-PLUS is a 25-student (per grade) program that looks to increase leadership and place students in great jobs after graduation. The program has only been around for eight years, but has had excellent success.”

“Through my campus involvement as well as the Lindner Honors-PLUS program, I have created a vast web, which I am currently utilizing as I search for job placement and/or graduate school admission.”

“The College of Business at the University of Cincinnati has done an outstanding job in creating different tiers of programs to meet the different needs of business students to accomplish their goals. There is the Honors-PLUS Program, for highly motivated individuals with superior academic ability and demonstrated leadership skills; the Business Scholars Program for outstanding business students, fueling their academic, professional, and personal success; the BBA-Extend Program for students holding an associate's degree in business administration or its equivalent; and other programs to meet the needs of all business students.”

“The Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS Business Program is a diamond in the rough and is making a name for itself locally, nationally, and internationally. The positives of this program are too many to write down in the short amount of time that I have. I highly recommend it based on what it has done for me: five internships with Credit Suisse in NYC; one internship with Credit Suisse in London; the yearly junior class trip of 25 students to Europe (and now Asia).”

“The UC College of Business has a special program called the Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS program, which provides students accepted into it with guaranteed small classes (25), their own academic adviser, full scholarship, an international trip, placement in an internship their freshman year, mandatory co-op (so that you graduate with almost 2 years of full-time experience), participation in the Leadership Cincinnati Seminars, additional classes to expand our skill sets (such as business ethics, etiquette, and opportunities to do field study course which allow you to work on real problems for real companies).”

Read the verbatim comments about the College of Business from BusinessWeek.

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Award-Winning Lindner Honors-PLUS Students Are the Faces of UC

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