Attend the Cincinnati Conference on Romance Languages and Literatures

The 35th Annual Cincinnati Conference on Romance Languages and Literatures is the oldest conference of its kind in the United States and is organized by the graduate students of McMicken’s Romance Languages and Literatures Department. The conference will take place April 9 through 11.

This conference provides a forum for scholarly exchange on the different areas of research in Romance Languages, as well as to create opportunities for networking and continuous education for the department’s graduate students. This event promotes the exchange of ideas and information. It also provides students with an opportunity to create relationships with future employers or collaborators.

This year’s conference is co-chaired by Eugenia Mazur, doctoral student in the Spanish program, and Rebecca Pestian, graduate student in French program. In addition, they are supported by the faculty director of the conference, Professor Maria Paz Moreno, as well as the many graduate student volunteers from McMicken’s Romance Languages and Literatures Department. 

The Cincinnati Conference on Romance Languages and Literatures will present over 100 scholarly papers dealing with all areas and aspects of Romance languages, literatures and cultures. These papers focus on topics such as theater, film, popular culture, creative writing, literary theory, linguistics, pedagogy and non-canonical approaches to literature. Additionally, this year’s conference has also accepted papers that deal with Arabic language pedagogy. 

The participants of the conference come from a variety of local, national and international universities to share their voices on a stage that has become increasingly relevant in the academic world. 

The talks are free of charge to all UC students and faculty, allowing anyone who is interested to attend easily. Additionally, many of the presentations at the conference will be conducted in English. The full conference program is available on the CCRLL website

Additional information will be available through the conference days at the registration center, located at the Max Kade Center, on the seventh floor of the Old Chemistry Building. The majority of the presentations will take place in the Old Chemistry Building; however, some talks will be held in other locations. 

For more information, contact or visit the conference website:

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