President and Provost Issue Statement on White House Executive Order

Dear UC Community,


Please know that the recent White House executive order on immigration has caused us great alarm. We want you to know that during this uncertain and difficult time, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the values and talents that global diversity brings to our University of Cincinnati community.

The implications of the U.S. Administration’s order clearly go well beyond those directly affected. It runs counter to our university’s core values. Our university is committed to freedom of intellectual inquiry, to inclusion and opportunity, to generating greater understanding of the world and its many cultures, and to fostering excellence and global connectedness as exemplified in our founding motto, Juncta Juvant: Strength in Unity.

While we remain optimistic about the recent Federal court decision surrounding this order, we will continue to monitor this fluid situation and be available to answer your questions. You may continue to contact the UC International office at 513-556-4278 with any specific questions.  Updates on this matter will be posted to the UC International website at

Until we have greater clarity on the executive order, we advise students, faculty and staff who are citizens of the seven nations named in the order to refrain from traveling outside the United States during at least the next 90 days.


Our UC community has strategically grown to more than 5,000 students and faculty from countries, faiths and experiences around the world. We reassure you that we welcome and value your presence and participation in our campus community. We are committed more than ever to global education, to welcoming international students and scholars to the University of Cincinnati, and to sending students and faculty abroad to learn and to work.


With our greatest respect,


Beverly J. Davenport

Interim President

Peter E. Landgren

Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost