Cincinnati Edition: With nation In crisis, Trump returns to campaign trail

UC's Tia Sheree Gaynor shares thoughts on president's political moves and other topics

Tia Sherèe Gaynor, an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, participated in an hour-long, panel discussion on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition on Thursday, June 25.  Among the topics discussed were upcoming election, COVID-19 and race relations.   

“It seems like we're just in this uncomfortable and complicated space where we're fighting for so many different things,” Gaynor told WVXU.  

Gaynor’s research focuses on issues related to social (in)justice, cultural competency and social equity within a U.S. and global context, particularly as it relates to underrepresented and marginalized populations. 

>Listen to the interview here

Featured image: President Donald Trump arrives on stage to speak at a campaign rally at the BOK Center, Saturday, June 20, 2020, in Tulsa, Okla. Photo/Evan Vucci/AP 

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