Journal-News: UC education expert weighs in on ‘new normal’ for schools

More than 70,000 area K-12 students will soon resume their school lives in Butler County amid a very different school atmosphere, reports the Journal-News. In examining how COVID-19 will affect the lives of Butler County students, it turned to Laura Dell, associate dean for the University of Cincinnati’s School of Education.

This year’s back-to-school is an extraordinary and potentially fearful time for students and their parents, Dell tells the Journal-news.  The key, said Dell, who is also a parent of a school-age child, is for parents to show the way for their children.

“If we (parents) don’t get stressed, the children won’t get stressed. If we treat this as normal, they will treat it as normal,” she said.

But the challenges are still daunting, said the 25-veteran of public schools, adding “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

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