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Photo gallery: Campus seeks to stay safe with distancing, masks, more

Students, faculty and staff seek to pursue safe practices on campus

During the second week of the fall term, students, faculty and staff weigh in on why they are pursuing behavioral practices to safeguard health on campus.

Student studies in TUC while wearing a mask

Bri-Atia Birchmore, a first-year exploratory studies student interested in pursuing photography, comes to campus to study in order to get out of the house but is careful to practice social distancing, frequent hand washing and to wear a mask in order to help combat COVID-19 and "make the virus go away." Photo/Joe Fuqua/UC Creative + Brand.

Students study in the former basketball courts

Two students study in the Campus Recreation Center space once used as basketball courts but now converted for study and socially distanced hang out space. Photo/Joe Fuqua/UC Creative + Brand.

Employee wears facial covering even when alone in vehicle

Facilities employee Jarrett Sheppard wears his facial covering even when alone in a service vehicle. Photo/Joe Fuqua/UC Creative + Brand.

Student studies in TUC

First-year engineering student Samantha Guckenberger studies in Tangeman University Center but maintain her distance and wears a mask while doing so. She says she's careful about her health behavior because she doesn't want to infect her grandparents, parents or co-workers nor those she baby sits. Photo/Joe Fuqua/UC Creative + Brand.

Students social distance and study in front of business college

Students enjoy the nice weather and social distance / wear masks while studying in front of the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. In the foreground, facing toward the camera, is Amaya Nelloms, a first-year criminal justice and political science student. living in Morgens Hall. She says she's careful about using hand sanitizer, wear her mask and social distance because "I want to be here on campus. I do better in my work and studies by being on campus." Photo/Joe Fuqua/UC Creative + Brand.

Faculty member exercises on treadmill while wearing a mask

Department Chair in Geography Nick Dunning exercises in the Campus Recreation Center while masked and on a treadmill placed at a distance from nearby machines. He's wearing his mask even while exercising because, he states, "I don't want to get sick, and I don't want those close to me to get sick either." Photo/Joe Fuqua/UC Creative + Brand.

student exercising while masked

First-year fine arts student Tyler Harmon exercises at some distance from others, wears a mask and takes other precautions because, he says, "While I don't have COVID, I respect the boundaries and the rules because we've got to stop the chain of infection." Photo/Joe Fuqua/UC Creative + Brand.

Student studying in TUC

Yelena Patag, an exploratory studies student interested in business, studies and social distances in hang out space set aside for students in Tangeman University Center 400. She's careful to observe needed health protocols because she has family members who are at higher risk of complications where they to contract COVID-19. "We've agreed upon safety protocols as a family, and I need to respect those," she explained. Photo/Joe Fuqua/UC Creative + Brand.

Scattering of students walk outside

The population of students, faculty and staff on campus is much reduced, as evidenced by this photo shot at lunch time on McMicken Commons. Photo/Joe Fuqua/UC Creative + Brand.

Masked student on a treadmill

First-year environmental engineering student Claire Stech wears a mask even while on the treadmill because she wants to remain on campus: "I don't want to get sent home." Photo/Joe Fuqua/UC Creative + Brand.

Students in the TUC food court

Asadore DeMoz, fourth-year astrophysicist student, enjoys a beverage in the TUC food court, while sitting at a distance from others and wearing his mask when not taking a sip. Photo/Joe Fuqua/UC Creative + Brand.

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