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Mechanical engineering student saw how graduate school can open doors

July 27, 2023

Bennett Breese, mechanical engineering student at the University of Cincinnati, did not plan on going to graduate school. While he was an undergraduate student, he attended a conference held by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and his plan changed. Breese was chosen as Graduate Student Engineer of the Month by the College of Engineering and Applied Science.


What if PCR testing could be done at home?

April 14, 2023

Aashish Priye, assistant professor of chemical engineering at the University of Cincinnati, is using microfluidics to make infectious disease testing faster, more cost-effective and easily accessible. He received the prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER Award in 2023 to continue this research for the next five years.


Highly decorated UC engineering student presents at global conference

April 26, 2023

University of Cincinnati student Rebecca Gilligan found a passion for engineering as a teenager at a local high school. After earning her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, she is staying at UC to begin the direct-Ph.D. program in aerospace engineering. While at UC, Gilligan has received numerous prestigious awards, the latest being the Presidential Leadership Medal of Excellence. This award, given by the University President, is bestowed upon students who best exemplify the ideals of the university including scholarship, leadership and character.


Graduating engineer named Mr. Bearcat

April 27, 2023

For nearly a century, honorary fraternity Sigma Sigma has honored one University of Cincinnati graduating man each year with the title of Mr. Bearcat. This award is given to an individual who has displayed commitment to the university through academic success, leadership in diverse settings and significant contributions to UC.


Students are changing veterans' lives with 3D printing technology

April 17, 2023

EnableUC, a student-led organization at the University of Cincinnati, has partnered with the Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Hospital to cheaply and quickly produce customized assistive devices to improve the lives of people with disabilities, limb differences or other injuries.


UC engineering co-op medalist is company's first in Portugal

April 12, 2023

Vladimir Miskovic began playing American football as a high-schooler— which was not a popular activity in his home country of Serbia — and the sport led him to the United States. He moved to Cleveland to play football and, after graduating high school, decided to pursue higher education in mechanical engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Miskovic received the 2023 Herman Schneider Medal, an annual award given to a graduating senior in the College of Engineering and Applied Science who demonstrates exceptional work as a co-op student.


UC aerospace engineering student turns his dreams into reality

May 11, 2023

Dilip Kalagotla, a doctoral candidate at the University of Cincinnati, came to the U.S. to study aerospace engineering. He is working to improve tools used in the field. Particle image velocimetry, the focus of his research, provides important data to aerospace engineers. He was named Graduate Student Engineer of the Month by UC's College of Engineering and Applied Science.


UC engineering professor awarded for distinguished scientific research

May 18, 2023

Donglu Shi joined the University of Cincinnati in 1995 as an associate professor of materials science and engineering from Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. Currently, he is the chair and graduate director of the materials science and engineering program and has a secondary appointment in the Department of Biomedical Engineering in UC's College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS). He has received numerous honors and accolades for his research and teaching. Most recently, he was awarded the George Rieveschl Jr. Award for Distinguished Scientific Research from UC.


UC students visit Ghana and learn how engineering crosses cultures

May 30, 2023

Each year, the University of Cincinnati sends more than 1,000 students to countries around the world. Over spring break, UC international facilitated a trip for 13 students — 11 from the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) one from the Lindner College of Business and one from the School of Information Technology — to explore Ghana, be immersed in the culture and venture outside of their comfort zones. Students were led by Cedrick Kwuimy and co-led by Nora Honken, faculty in UC's Department of Engineering and Computing Education.


UC engineering professor honored for excellence in teaching

May 9, 2023

Gregory Bucks, Ph.D., associate department head and professor in the Department of Engineering and Computing Education at the University of Cincinnati, is recognized by students and colleagues alike as an embodiment of teaching excellence, the heart of the Mrs. A.B. "Dolly" Cohen Award.