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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees at the University of Cincinnati are reviewed and set by the Board of Trustees each spring for the upcoming year. The Office of the Bursar is then responsible for assessing fees based on the appropriate factors. Students who have questions about their university bill can seek assistance via the One Stop Student Service Center.

In general, the following factors will affect a student’s tuition and fee assessment each term:

  • Offering College of the class section,
  • Academic program,
  • Residency, and
  • Enrollment.

Some tuition amounts are set by college, others are determined by program level (undergraduate, graduate or professional) and still others are specific to the course of study itself. As well, some colleges or majors have individual fees that are assessed only to their students. Details on college-specific fees can be found in the Fees by College link for any given tuition year in the navigation bar at the left.

As a state of Ohio-supported institution, a student’s residency classification influences the fee assessment. More information on residency can be found through the Office of the Registrar.

Finally, your class enrollment each term will influence your tuition and fee assessment.

  • Students enrolled full-time are charged at a flat rate based on their academic program (for most students, 12 to 18 hours) plus a per credit hour rate for any enrolled hours in overload status (overload means hours 19 and above). Charges for hours in overload are subject to the refund policy.
  • Part-time students are charged on a per credit-hour basis (exception are noted).
  • Note some classes have course- or class-specific fees in addition to the Board-approved fees.

Credit Hour Status

Status Part-Time Full-Time
Undergraduate  1 - 11 credit hours  12 + credit hours
Graduate  1 - 9 credit hours  10 + credit hours
Professional - MD  1 - 23 credit hours
 24 + credit hours
Professional - JD  1 - 11 credit hours  12 + credit hours

NOTE: Fees for students auditing classes
are as follows: (1) If you are full-time, the fee will be included with full-time fees (from 12-18 hours). (2) If you are part-time or are taking hours over 18, the fee is based on the part-time credit hour rate. (3) A "T" grade will not automatically be assigned unless the requirements for the instructor are met.