Collections Timeline

Collections actions on a past due account.

Days Past Due                           
Action Taken
Past Due Account Hold in Catalyst (prevents registration, transcripts, refunds)  
  Weekly Bill Due emails sent  
  Late Fees are assessed on the last day of the month for charges >=16 days past due  
76+ Accounts with an eligible balance are offered a Collection Payment Plan  
  Students will receive 5 email communications about their Collection Payment Plan Offer (Day 76, 86, 101, 111, 121, 136, 141, 146)  
  Payment plan must be activated before the offer expires (Offer available for 75 days)
96+ Collections Reminder Letter (C1A)
  Letter mailed to address on file.  
151+ Payment Plan Offers expired and the account moved to Internal Collection
  Bursar Office Resolution Analysts begin outreach to discuss account balance and repayment options  
157+ 1st Phone Call  
  Call made to phone number(s) on file.  
187+ 2nd Phone Call  
  Call made to the phone number(s) on file  
214+ Collection Letter- Ohio Attorney General (CAG) sent    
  Letter mailed to the address on file to advise students that their account could be placed with the OAG  
  Student has 30 days from the date the letter is mailed to pay the past due balance in full or contact the Collection's Office to discuss payment options  
245+ Account placed with OAG  
  Student is no longer able to pay the balance through UC.    
  Registration and Transcript blocks remain on account