Past Due Accounts

Charges posted to a student's account are assigned a due date.  Tuition and fee due dates are 5 days before the class starts.  Other charges not related to courses (e.g. Student Health Insurance, Housing Charges, etc.) are typically due 5 days before the term starts.  Charges posted after this date will be due 7 days from the posting date.  Students can see their balance by due dates via Catalyst (“My Finances” tab > Account Inquiry > Charges Due) or by viewing their term bill.

  • Every Tuesday students who have charges due within the next 7 days, including any past due amounts, will receive an e-mail to their UC email account letting them know they have a balance due.
  • On the 25th of each month, students with a past due balance will receive an e-mail and/or letter informing them of their past due balance and the risk of late payment fees and collection activity. Students will have until 11:59PM on the last day of the month to pay their bill to avoid a late fee. Using the U.S. postal service is not recommended and will not ensure payment is processed by the deadline. Online payments are recommended and credited to the students account immediately.

Students with past due balances are subject to the following collection actions:

  • Late payment fees are assessed ($50 flat fee + 1.5% interest) every month on student accounts that are more than 16 days past due. Students will be subject to these late fees before it is turned over for third-party billing or collections.
  • A “Past Due Account” hold is placed on the student account which prevents registration, transcripts, refunds, and diplomas. Students can review all outstanding service blocks in Catalyst.
  • Students enrolled in future terms are subject to having their classes administratively canceled for non-payment of their previous balance.
  • Bursar Collection staff will attempt to contact the student via e-mail, letters, and calls to assist with repayment options. Students who are not on a collection payment plan or have not paid the balance due will have their account referred to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office (OAG) for collection. Once an account is turned over to the OAG additional fees (10% AG Fee, 5% Interest, 21% Collection Agency Fee, 25% Special Counsel Fee) will be added to the balance due depending on the actions necessary to collect the debt due the University. Once an account has been transferred to the OAG, payment arrangements can no longer be made with the University of Cincinnati. The OAG can be reached at (888) 665-5440.