Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance (SHI) is authorized by University of Cincinnati Board Rule 40-25-01. Students are assessed the health insurance premium if they are enrolled for 6 or more units/credit hours, or enrolled in an equivalent level of Coop or Experiential Learning, in a term.

The University may amend, modify or rescind any existing student health insurance policies, guidelines, rules, procedures or regulations or institute new or additional student health insurance, policies, guidelines, rules, procedures or regulations at any time, at its sole discretion.

Waive UC Student Health Insurance

Students covered under another qualifying health insurance policy are encouraged to complete the Student Health Insurance Waiver located on their "To-Do List" in the Catalyst student portal. The task will direct the student to the on-line waiver form which, if approved, will be valid for the entire academic year. More information regarding this charge and the waiver process can be found at UC Student Health Insurance.  

Premium Rates

Academic Year 2024-2025

Single Student Premium Rates
Spring $1,213.50*
Summer $652.00**

* Covers through the summer semester

** Price for students who do not have spring semester coverage

Family Plan Annual Premiums

Student + Dependent < 18


Student + Dependent > 18 or Spouse


Student + 2 or more Dependents < 18


Student + Spouse + Dependent < 18


Student + 2 or more Dependents > 18


Student + Spouse + Dependent > 18


Student + Spouse + 2 or more Dependents < 18


Student + Spouse + 2 or more Dependents > 18


Family Plans are added to the account in the fall semester and are charged for the entire year.  Coverage is from August 10th – August 9th.   Once enrolled, coverage cannot be dropped. You must complete the enrollment form to add family coverage.

Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance (also known as Needlestick Insurance) is a service offered to students who may be exposed to human bloodborne pathogens during their course of study. More details regarding this policy can be found at UC Student Health Insurance

Students with open/active programs in the following colleges and programs are required to have coverage either by paying for Student Health Insurance each term or by paying the annual $29.00 Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance premium charged to their bill:

Programs Required to have BPI Coverage
Program Description
Academic Career
Academic Program
Academic Plan
Allied Health (35) Medical Laboratory Science (MLSC) UGRD 35BAC MLSC-BS
Allied Health (35) Occupational Therapy (MOT) GRAD 35MAS OT-MOT
Allied Health (35) Physical Therapy (PT) GRAD 35DOC PT-DPT
Blue Ash (28) Advanced Standing Track - Nursing (ASNS)







Blue Ash (28) Dental Hygiene Technology (DHTN) UGRD 28ASC DHTN-AAS
Blue Ash (28) Emergency Medical Services (EMS)







Blue Ash (28) Nursing (NSTN) UGRD 28ASC NSTN-AAS
Clermont (34) Emergency Medical Services (EMS)  







Clermont (34) Medical Assistant (MDAS) UGRD 34CRT MDAS-C2
Clermont (34) Nurse Aide Training (NATP)   UGRD 34CRT NATP-C1
Clermont (34) Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) UGRD 34ASC PTA-AAS
Clermont (34) Respiratory Care (RC)   UGRD 34ASC RC-AAS
Clermont (34) Surgical Assisting (SASST) UGRD 34CRT SASST-C2
Clermont (34) Surgical Technology (STN) UGRD 34ASC STN-AAS
Medicine (26) All students in MD program
Nursing (29) All students including Online (except RN/BSN Online and Non-Matriculated students)
Pharmacy (25) All students

Please know that One Stop Student Services Center or Bursar staff are not qualified or authorized to answer questions concerning policy limits, claims process, waiver status, etc. Questions, comments, issues, etc. should be directed to:

Student Health Insurance Office
(513) 556-6868
UC Student Health Insurance