Billed Sponsored Aid

Invoiced or Billed Sponsored Aid is when a third party such as an employer, former employer, the military, non-profit organization or institution, or other organization agrees to pay some or all tuition and fees for five or more students and is notified by inovice or billed by the university when payment is due.

Sponsored Student Agreements

Organizations wanting to be invoiced or billed for tuition and fees must send a document (i.e. a letter of credit or voucher) listing the name and student ID (M#) of each student they intend to sponsor. This document should indicate in detail the amount to be paid and the specific tuition and fees they will cover. A document must be sent to the Cashier each term covering these details; and it can be sent by the sponsor or student. In order to receive an invoice for a student’s tuition and fees, organizations must sign a Sponsored Student Agreement. To be eligible for an agreement, organizations must be sponsoring at least 5 students for multiple, consecutive terms.  

If we do not have a Sponsored Student Agreement with an organization, credits will not be posted to the student’s account until payment is received from the sponsoring organization. Students should first check with their employer to see if they have a Sponsored Student Agreement with the Office of the Bursar before sending in vouchers or letters of credit. If there is not an agreement on file, students may need to send their sponsor further information, such as a copy of their term bill, regarding their account to have payment remitted by their organization.

Ohio organizations that pay 100% of an employee’s tuition and fees and agree to comply with Senate Bill 53 requirements should complete the Sponsored Agreement for Senate Bill 53 (contact the Cashier's for a copy).  Students covered by these agreements are charged in-state rates; likewise, the employers are billed in-state rates.

To ensure timely credit to a student’s account all documentation must be received at least one week before the beginning of the term.  Students are responsible for paying all tuition and fees not covered by the agreement by the due date or risk being assessed a late payment fee. 

Late paperwork, documentation, or credit not received by the due date will result in the account being assessed a late payment fee.  Students should monitor their bills to be sure these payments are timely. If the payment is not received on time from the Sponsor the student should pay the bill by the due date to keep from receiving a late fee. Then, the student can be reimbursed by their employer or receive a refund if the employer subsequently pays the university. 

Refunds due to the student after the application of the Sponsored Aid payments to student’s account will be processed within five days. To ensure that you receive your refund as soon as possible, please make sure that you are signed up for direct deposit in Catalyst. You can check this in the My Finances tile under Billing Information.

A Sponsored Student Agreement, as well as a purchase order, financial guarantee, or voucher is required from the sponsoring agency authorizing the university to bill the sponsor directly for the student’s expenses. The University of Cincinnati requires new sponsors to have at least 5 students enrolled for multiple, consecutive terms to set up a new agreement. Upon receiving the authorization from the sponsor, a sponsor credit will be applied to the student’s account. After the drop/add refund period, second week of the term, the Cashier will begin invoicing the sponsors.

Sponsored Student's Responsibilities

  • The student is responsible for providing a valid authorization from their sponsor, prior to the beginning of the term to avoid late payment fees and service blocks.
  • If the sponsor does not cover the total cost of the tuition and fees, it is the student’s responsibility to pay the remaining balance due.
  • The student is responsible for knowing the duration of the agreement/authorization and obtaining a new authorization as needed. The university will not notify a student when the authorization has expired.
  • Provide the sponsor with additional information required such as transcripts, grades, class schedules and other non-financial related requirements.

Sponsor's Responsibilities

  • Provide contract, purchase order or voucher to the university prior to the beginning of the term. The authorization should contain the student’s name and student id number, charges covered, dollar limitations of the covered charges, length of sponsorship, sponsor’s billing address, contact name and number, fax number and email address.
  • Sponsor payments should be made to the “University of Cincinnati” and not applied to the student’s bill as a check payment.
  • Payment of the invoice is due, in full, upon receipt of the invoice.
  • Sponsor should mail payment to the address provided on the invoice or by ACH/wire payment to the university’s bank account

UC Bursar's Responsibilities

  • Staff will review authorizations upon receipt and certify a student’s eligibility, then post credit to the student’s account.
  • Staff will invoice the sponsor for the authorized charges beginning the third week of the term. The invoice will include the student’s name and the total charges.
  • Staff may charge back to the student’s account any charges resulting from non-payment by the sponsor.

Invoiced or billed sponsorship forms and/or checks should be addressed to:

     University of Cincinnati
     Accounts Receivable
     P.O. Box 933038
     Cleveland, OH 44193

Questions regarding invoiced or billed sponsorships should be directed to the Cashier by e-mail at cashiers@ucmail.uc.edu or fax to (513) 556-2681.  Contact in person should be done through the One Stop Service Center on the 2nd floor of the University Pavilion.