Tuition Guarantee Appeals

All degree-seeking, undergraduate students enrolled at UC beginning summer 2019 or later are assigned to a Tuition Guarantee cohort for purposes of determining undergraduate tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board. Students must complete their bachelor’s degree requirements within the timeframe of the assigned cohort to continue to receive the guaranteed tuition rate. Upon the expiration of the student’s cohort, they will be assigned to the next lowest cost active cohort.

However, there may be times when a student is not able to complete their degree program within the cohort timeframe due to circumstances outside their control. These students may appeal to receive an extension of their guaranteed tuition rate. Each appeal is reviewed based upon its own merit to determine whether an extension should be granted and, if so, the nature and duration of the extension. Extension appeals will not be approved for reasons of financial need, withdrawals due to fear of low grades, attendance at another institution, or voluntary changes to major. The determination of the Tuition Guarantee Appeals committee is final.   

Use the form below to appeal the expiration of your Tuition Guarantee cohort.

Questions regarding the Tuition Guarantee appeals process should be directed to reginfo@uc.edu.