Tuition Payment Plan

The University of Cincinnati offers a Tuition Payment Plan (TPP) that allows students and their families to divide the cost of tuition, housing, and fees into three equal monthly installments.

Each semester that a student chooses to participate, they will need to complete Tuition Payment Plan enrollment and pay a $35 non-refundable enrollment fee.


  1. Log in to Catalyst
  2. Click the "My Finances" tile
  3. Select "Billing Information" on the left side of the page
  4. Click "Payment Plan Enrollment"
  5. Follow the prompts

Those with Delegated Access are not able to complete the payment plan enrollment process. However, no payment is due right away. Once a student enrolls a parent/guest can then log in to view the payment schedule and initiate payment.

Tuition Payment Plan Schedule (2022-2023)
Semester Enrollment Opens
Enrollment Closes First Payment Due
Second Payment Due
Third Payment Due
Fall 2022 06/13/2022 09/06/2022 08/17/2022 09/17/2022 10/17/2022
Spring 2023 01/01/2023 01/24/2023 01/04/2023 02/04/2023 03/04/2023
Summer 2023 04/07/2023 05/23/2023 05/03/2023 06/03/2023 07/03/2023

Paying Your Installments

  • Scheduled due dates are fixed, regardless of when you enroll in the tuition payment plan. These dates cannot be changed. However, we do allow a 16-day grace period from all scheduled due dates without penalty. 
  • Monthly installments will be determined by taking charges due minus any pending aid and evenly disbursing the remaining charges over three installments. The $35 enrollment fee is added to the first installment.
  • Each monthly installment requires the payee to log in and complete a payment transaction. We do not offer automatic bill pay.
  • When paying online, the full balance of your account will automatically transfer. You will need to change this dollar amount to that of your installment by selecting "make a payment" and changing the dollar amount on the "How much would you like to pay?" screen.

Scheduled due dates and installment amounts can be found by viewing the semester term bill or by viewing your charges due:

  1. Log in to Catalyst
  2. Select the "My Finances" tile
  3. Click the red "Account Inquiry" button found in the "Account Summary"
  4. Click the "Charges Due" hyperlink
Parent/Guest with Delegated Access:
  1. Log in to Catalyst
  2. Select the "Delegated Access" tile
  3. Click "Financial" on the left side of the page
  4. Click "View Charges Due"

Additional Details

  • Payment Plans are term specific and enrollment is required each term.
  • Once enrolled in the payment plan, the $35 enrollment fee is non-refundable. Please use caution when enrolling.
  • The 3-pay option is the only tuition payment plan available. We do not offer an annual payment plan.
  • All students are eligible to enroll in the payment as long as their charges are for the current semester and at least $200 after aid disburses.