Direct Deposit Enrollment

Direct deposit is safe, secure, and quicker than paper checks. Failure to enroll in direct deposit will delay and sometimes even prevent the processing of your excess credit balance refund. Direct deposit refunds are processed daily, Monday through Friday (except during UC holidays).

How to Enroll in Direct Deposit

To set up direct deposit as a student, go to Catalyst and click the "My Finances" tile. On the left side click "Billing Information" and then "Direct Deposit Enrollment" from the drop-down menu.

If you do not have a U.S. bank account, you have the option to sign-up for one through our campus banking partner, PNC Bank. Visit their branch located on the 3rd floor of Tangeman University Center.

Note:  Faculty, staff or student workers will automatically have their payroll bank account used for student refunds. If you need to update or add a bank account, you will be directed to the UCFlex Employee Self-Service Portal.

Parents who have refunds coming from Federal Parent PLUS Loans should coordinate with their student to obtain Delegated Access.  Once complete, the parent can sign up for direct deposit in Catalyst by clicking on the “Delegated Access” tile and then “Manage Bank Account”.  All refunds NOT coming from a parent plus loan will be refunded to the bank listed under the student account.

Paper refund checks are only processed for excess credits from federal aid and financial aid payment types. Eligible paper check refunds are scheduled to post once a week (usually Thursday). Refunds via paper checks do not begin until the first Thursday after your classes start.

Excess credit balances from personal payments (except credit card payments) will remain on your account to pay future term charges. Examples of personal payments are 529 payments, employer payments, personal checks, money orders, Flywire payments, etc.

If you do not want these funds to pay future term charges and would like to request the refund, please enroll in direct deposit.  Once direct deposit is complete, the “refund hold” will automatically be removed, and your refund will be issued electronically.

If direct deposit is not possible, please login to Catalyst and update/confirm your “mailing” address by clicking the “profile” tile on your student homepage. Then send an email to bursar@ucmail.uc.edu requesting that a paper refund check be issued.  Please be sure to include your M#.

Stop payment requests on paper checks will only be considered once a check has been missing for 30 days from the date of issue. A $25 Stop Payment Fee will be charged for each check stopped.

Refund checks should be cashed promptly. Federal Title IV recipients are subject to Federal regulations which require the university to return stale refund checks to the federal program which generated the refund.  Checks over 120 days are considered stale and may be voided.  Once these funds are returned to the Federal government the university may not be able to request their return. Check with the Bursar's Office before attempting to deposit or cash any refund check older than 120 days.