Collections Payment Plans

University of Cincinnati has partnered with Flywire to provide payers a secure and easy collections payment plan process. Flywire’s solution will provide a seamless experience for students—allowing them to pay down their UC balance over time with no additional late fees or penalties. 

Flywire’s extensive global collection network is trusted by over 2000 institutions worldwide. We’re excited to expand our payment partnership with Flywire and partner to offer our past due payers flexible Payment Plan options!

Payment Plan Process

When an account is 76 days past due, eligible students, based on account balance, are offered a collection payment plan that carries no interest. If eligible for this payment plan, a “Welcome Email” with instructions and the link to “Get Started Now” will be sent. Only students can enroll in a collection payment plan. Students activate their payment plan by selecting the number of installments they prefer, the date they want their automated payment to be processed every month and their preferred payment method. There is a one-time non-refundable $35 enrollment fee due at the time of activation.

Collection payment plans can also be customized, within guidelines and limitations, to fit the student's monthly budget by contacting the UC Collections staff.

Please note: Students will not be permitted to register for a new term, have access to their official transcript(s), or diplomas until the account balance is paid in full, even if the student is enrolled in a collection payment plan.


Log in to Catalyst, select the “My Profile” tile. Next, choose “Update Profile” then select Phone Number or E-mail Address. Your Collection Payment Plan will be updated in real time.

Collection payment plans can be customized, within guidelines and limitations, to fit the student's monthly budget. Students must contact the UC Collections Office to discuss a customized payment plan.

A student’s balance must be paid in full before registering for a future term.

Only students can enroll in a collection payment plan. Parents/guests with delegated access cannot enter into collection payment plans on behalf of their students. Students select the number of installments they prefer, the date they want their automated payment to be processed every month, and pay a $35 sign-up fee- (sign-up fee in not refundable).

Once enrolled in the payment plan, parents/guests with delegated access can make a payment in Cashnet, which will automatically adjust your payment plan balance and number of remaining payments.

Eligible students will receive a Collection Payment Plan email notification with a “Get Started Now” link that will take you to your Collection Payment Plan Offers. Click “Select” on the preferred payment plan and follow the prompts.

The payment options are direct debit from a checking or saving account. There is no charge for this option (routing and account numbers required).  Credit/Debit Card payments incur a 2.75% service fee.  You can change your payment option at any time.

  1. Once logged in, select the "Payment Plan" tab
  2. Click on the "Manage Auotpay" button, then change or update the payment method for upcoming installments
  3. Any changes or updates to the "Payment Method" must be completed no later than one calendar day before the date of the scheduled automatic installment

You are emailed a receipt when you make a payment online.  All payment receipts can be accessed from your Collection Payment Plan dashboard by selecting ‘View all Activity’ from the dropdown menu.

There is nothing you need to do.  Your account will automatically adjust.

Yes, additional monthly payments will reduce the amount owed the following month and then it will reduce the number of scheduled payments.

You will receive a notification before any installment is processed to give you an opportunity to make sure sufficient funds are available to process each upcoming installment. Once your payment plan is active, if an installment fails twice for any reason, the Payment Plan will be automatically terminated.

If you wish to enroll in a new plan after this occurs, you may be charged another non-refundable sign-up fee.

Once signed up, you will receive notification of your subsequent installments in advance of their due dates. 

Students can expect several different communications from Flywire. An email is automatically sent when a payment plan is activated, an upcoming payment plan payment reminder, an auto payment is processed, the payment plan amount is changed, etc. Students can opt out or opt in to receive these communication notifications under "Actions" and then selecting "Manage Notifications." By default, email notifications will be sent. 

Students may also opt in to receive text message notifications. The text message notifications are used for notifications triggered by an action after a payment plan is activated

Enrollment Services.  They can be reached at (513)556-1000 or enrollmentservices@.uc.edu.

Students may contact Enrollment Services Center for general questions about the Collection Payment Plan. They can be reached at (513)556-1000 or enrollmentservcies@uc.edu

Log in to your Collection Payment Plan and click on the “Make Payment” tab. Next, enter the amount in the “Amount To Pay” box and follow the prompts.

Holds are removed from your account in Catalyst within 24 hours.