Veterans Benefits

It's important that any student wishing to take advantage of Veterans Educational Benefits contact the Veterans Program and Services (VPS) Office. The Bursar's Office has no authority when certifying or explaining VA benefits to students. Only VPS Office staff can speak with authority on this topic. This web page exists solely for the purpose of explaining Bursar processes, procedure and policies relating to Chapter 33 Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits.

Chapter 33 Payments

  • The Bursar's Office only deals with Chapter 33 benefits because the VA pays the school directly for certified tuition and fees. Other VA Educational benefit chapters pay the student directly.
  • UC VPS staff will post a budget/benefits estimate (credit) to the student's account for the amount certified by their office. This transaction will be described on the bill as "VA C33 Cert Amt (Estimate)". This is a temporary informational credit memo posting in anticipation of payment from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affair (USVA). The budget will remain for a maximum of 8 weeks at which time it will be removed unless UC VPS can attest to extenuating circumstances warranting extension of this budget posting.
  • Once payment from USVA is received, the estimate amount is removed/reversed, and the amount of the payment is posted. In some cases, the payment amount will not be the same as the budget. Any remaining balance will be the responsibility of the student. Students who fail to pay this outstanding balance will be subject to late fees and service blocks. 
  • Changes in classes after certification need to be reported to UC VPS Office promptly or students risk losing all or some of their VA educational benefits.

Students with questions regarding their VA educational benefits or how their benefit amount was calculated, and subsequently posted, should direct their inquiry to:

UC Veterans Programs and Services Office
    (513) 556-6811
        (513) 556-0959
E-mail:   vetcert@uc.edu
In-Person: 230 University Pavilion (2nd Floor)
                   (Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm)

Additional Details:

  • When the USVA determines that an over payment was made they will issue a debt letter to the school or the student. If the Bursar Office receives a debt letter it will promptly return the amounts demanded in the debt letter to USVA. Usually this will result in a balance due to the student which must be paid within 7 days or the student will be subject to late fees and/or service blocks.
  • Late fees will only be waived if it is determined that administrative error or processing caused the delay in certification or posting of budgets/payments. Late fees are not waived due to the students failure to comply with deadlines, failure to follow instructions, or act on e-mail notifications.
  • UC VPS Office will also complete the certification process for any student who wishes to use their benefits from The Montgomery GI Chapter 1606.