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UC Academic Master Plan Supports Launch of New Faculty OneStop Website

When unveiled earlier this year, the UC Academic Master Plan’s action steps included the promise of a “OneStop” model for faculty development and support. That online “OneStop” website has now launched.

Date: 8/27/2012 12:00:00 AM
By: M.B. Reilly
Phone: (513) 556-1824

UC ingot   Enhancing excellence in teaching and learning at the University of Cincinnati is a key focus of the "UC2019Academic Master Plan"(AMP), part of the university’s overall strategic plan, "UC2019Accelerating Our Transformation.”
As such, one action step promised in the AMP was to create a “OneStop” model for faculty development and support. In other words, the development of one single website where all UC faculty could go to find out about and participate in professional-development options related to teaching and research.
That new website, the Faculty Development OneStop, just launched as a collaboration between UC’s Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CET&L), the Faculty Technology Resources Center (FTRC) and UC Libraries.
According to Pamela Baker, CET&L director, the new site means that all of the faculty development opportunities on UC’s campuses – everything from continuing education credits required for health sciences faculty to training for teaching online courses – can be accessed in one, centralized site.
She added, “The site is user friendly. As of today, faculty will be able to search for options of most interest to them and sign up for the developmental offerings. It’s a great step forward for both our faculty and, in turn, our students since the effort is about excellence in the classroom, from great teaching methods to assessment of learning.”
Today’s launch of the Faculty Development OneStop website makes available information on development options for UC faculty; however, the site will continue to expand, and additional tools will be available within six months.
These additional tools will allow faculty to document and record their own participation and achievements in developmental offerings.

According to Baker, these phase-two tools will consist of a log-in to an e-RPT (reappointment, promotion and tenure) application. That log-in will take a faculty member to the RPT guidelines for his/her department and college and allow the faculty member to import and document achievements related to the guidelines, e.g., import and save a certificate earned in a developmental workshop.
And, as faculty members develop “transcripts” by participating in developmental offerings, the system will automatically generate individualized e-mails to faculty members notifying them of upcoming opportunities they might need or want.
“In other words,” explained Baker, “As we expand site capabilities, the Faculty Development OneStop will be far more than a course catalog and registration site. It will allow individualized tracking of achievements by faculty and also allow them to more easily determine any development training they might want or need in order to meet the teaching and research goals within their units.”

  • See the "UC2019Academic Master Plan" (AMP), part of the university's overall strategic plan, "UC2019Accelerating Our Transformation.”