Financial Aid

Offices Related to Your Financial Aid

Questions surrounding financial aid often relate to your class registration and billing issues. That is why UC created Enrollment Services and financial aid customer service is provided by that office.

Cross-trained professionals can assist you in addressing most aid, billing, and class inquiries. In addition to being available for walk-in service, these staff members can answer your questions via e-mail and phone.

Enrollment Services

220 University Pavilion - Uptown/Clifton Campus
150 Muntz Hall - UC Blue Ash Campus
100 Student Services Building - UC Clermont Campus 

While Enrollment Services can address many of your financial aid concerns, they don't handle all university student matters. So to assist you with questions related to financial aid, the chart below provides key Web self-serve tools. 

Additionally, UC staff in offices across campus are always happy to assist you with your questions. E-mail contacts avoid a possible busy signal during peak times and allow a staff member to more fully research your question.

Aid Not on Bill?

Prior to the term, accepted aid will show as anticipated.

If you have questions about aid that is not posting against your online bill, always check these basic reasons to self-determine the issue:

Checking these simple steps can often assist you in understanding why aid has not posted to your bill.