Financial Aid

Billing and Payment Plan

Students receive a term bill based on their enrollment for the term and associated fees (including room and board costs for student living on-campus). 

If you anticipate someone else making payments on your behalf, be sure to sign them up via delegated access so they can also view your account and make payments. 

Delegated access allows family, spouses, or others access to the areas of your university record that you designate.


The University of Cincinnati does not send out paper bills. All billing is done online via Catalyst within the "My Finances" tile according to the following schedule.

  • Fall billing begins on or near July 15th of each year
  • Spring billing begins on or near December 1 of each year
  • Summer billing begins on or near April 1 of each year 

With the exception of Federal Work-Study, any financial aid funds will apply directly to your online bill. Just as you are billed for tuition, room and board (if you are residing on-campus), and student health insurance (until a waiver documents alternate coverage) based on your class registration for the term, your aid will be applied each semester based on eligibility.

Accepted aid will initially show as anticipated aid when viewing your term bill. Aid eligibility will then be evaluated 10 days prior to the term in line with federal regulations and individual aid rules to determine what aid will post to your bill. Aid will disburse based on enrollment eligibility.

Registration and billing (as well as the financial aid process) occur within Catalyst. Students are also notified via their UC email account when a bill has been prepared for them or if a change has been made to their bill.

Students should routinely check their online bill in Catalyst to ensure their financial obligations are met in a timely manner. 

Payment Plan Enrollment

The university offers a semester payment plan for those students wishing to spread their remaining term balance across 3 monthly installment payments rather than 1 payment at the beginning of the term.

Enrolling in the Payment Plan is simple at

  • Students
    • Log in to Catalyst
    • Click the "My Finances" tile
    • Click "Make A Payment"
    • You will be transferred to Transact where you can select "view payment plan options" in the "overview."
    • Complete the prompts
  • Delegates:
    • Log in to Catalyst
    • Click the "Delegated Access" tile
    • Select "Financial" on the left side of the page
    • Click "Pay Bill"
    • You will be transferred to Transact where you can select "view payment plan options" in the "overview."
    • Complete the prompts

It is important to meet each payment and due date.

Payment plan enrollment is for a specific term. So you can use this plan as you need to and are not obligated to use it for all terms of enrollment.

Details are also available on other payment matters including web payments, veteran's benefits, and late fees.


In cases where your financial aid exceeds your billed costs for the term, you will be issued a refund of excess aid.

Be mindful that a refund may not mean that you are paid in full for the term. Students may find a refund was being issued at the same time they change their enrollment. So take the time to understand why you are receiving a refund prior to spending it and routinely check your term bill in Catalyst.