Tuition and Fees

For more information regarding how tuition and fees are assessed please visit our How Fees are Determined page.

To view your tuition and fees please select the category below which applies to you:


You are a current undergraduate student or have previously attended the University of Cincinnati or a UC Regional campus as an undergraduate in a degree-seeking program and you will be continuing your studies as a UC Uptown or Regional undergraduate in a degree-seeking program. 


You are a new, incoming first-year or transfer undergraduate student who has enrolled in a degree-seeking program at UC's Uptown or Regional Campuses. This includes new, incoming first year or transfer students who enrolled Summer 2019.


You are an undergraduate student taking classes at UC Uptown or regional campuses without being enrolled in a UC degree program. Your official status is non-matriculated, which is a traditional academic term meaning "not enrolled in a degree term."


You are a current graduate/professional student or have previously attended one of UC's campuses and you are continuing your studies as an UC graduate/professional student.