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Demo station, training available for new UC phones

The IT@UC Network and Telephone Refresh Project team will be upgrading all telephone systems at the University of Cincinnati.

To ease the transition and familiarize faculty and staff with the new system, IT@UC is providing a fully functional demo station as well as an onsite training option. Read more to discover how you can benefit from these services. 

For independent hands-on practice, try the demo station

Phone demo station located in ResNet, Steger Student Life Building.

Fully functional telephone demo station located in ResNet in the Steger Student Life Building.

IT@UC recently installed a telephone replacement demo area located in Resnet, West Campus – Steger Student Life Center location. The display offers the opportunity for UC faculty and staff to interact with the three new telephone models selected to replace the current telephone system.

The phone station is a fully operational display providing in-person, hands-on experience with the new telephones. It includes each of the following Cisco telephone models:

To determine what model phone you will receive, refer to the following photos:

Three old model phones and view of the new phone that will be replacing them.

If you have an ITE 4, ITE 12 or 53i VoIP phone, it will be replaced with a Cisco 7811.

Two old phones and a view of the new phone that will replace them.

If you have a ITE 12SD or a 55i VoIP phone with 2 to 4 phone lines, you will receive an Cisco 7841.


If you have a ITE 30SD or a 57i VoIP phone with 5 or more lines, It will be replaced with a Cisco 8851 with a Side Car – required to support 6 or more lines.

“The telephone display area is available for employees to familiarize themselves with the new phones soon to be placed at their desks,” said Barb Renner, director of information technology at IT@UC. “At the display station, visitors will be able to experiment with the new phones and their features, such as hold buttons and call transfers, without fear of damaging the equipment.”

The Network & Telephone project team is currently piloting the rollout of the new phones to select areas of campus. Their first install included refreshing the telephones in Kowalewski Hall in March. They plan to refresh the phones located in the Stetson Building on the Medical Campus in late April or early May.

For those interested in an independent and hands-on learning experience, please visit the phone demo station in Resnet at Steger Student Life Building on Main Campus. The station is available for use during Resnet’s normal operating hours of 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

In Person Phone Training

Session participants listen while presenters talk about new phones

A group of IT professionals from across the university participated in onsite training for the new phone systems.

Before your building’s scheduled telephone refresh date, IT@UC staff will offer your area onsite training. Offerings will range from an informal showcase session with the opportunity for questions and answers to a more formal informational session stepping participants through how to make calls, transfer calls, conference calling and more. Discuss your options during the initial setup meetings before work begins.

For more information or further inquiries concerning the phones and their use, contact or For self-help and step-by-step setup instructions online, please view the University of Cincinnati's VoIP Phone Offerings Knowledge Base article.