PBS: Cool down with the slick science of sweat

UC engineering professor Jason Heikenfeld talks to PBS NOVA about using sweat for health diagnoses

The PBS science show NOVA explored the University of Cincinnati's sweat sensor research in a story about the body fluid's wonderful properties.

UC College of Engineering and Applied Science professor Jason Heikenfeld told PBS that sweat is a great diagnostic tool for certain medical conditions, stress and other health woes.

Testing sweat also helps track performance in athletes and one day could help doctors tailor custom treatments for patients.

Heikenfeld serves as UC's assistant vice president for entrepreneurial affairs and technology commercialization in the Office of Innovation.

His Novel Device Lab has pioneered sensors that can generate a tiny patch of sweat for testing even when you are cool and resting.

Featured image at top: A UC student works out in a gym. Photo/Lisa Ventre/UC Creative Services

Jason Heikenfeld sits at a desk with a laptop holding up a sensor.

UC professor Jason Heikenfeld holds up a sweat sensor at UC's 1819 Innovation Hub. Photo/Andrew Higley/UC Creative Services