UC President Neville Pinto visits Chongqing University

Pinto meets with Joint Co-op Institute students and instructors in China

UC President Pinto speaks at Chongqing University

By Chongqing University

University of Cincinnati President Neville Pinto traveled to China recently to gain a deeper appreciation for the unique partnership between UC and Chongqing University.

UC's Joint Co-op Institute, or JCI, offers Chinese students a chance to learn from UC professors in China before spending their final year on campus in Cincinnati while attending UC's College of Engineering and Applied Science.

Pinto toured Chongqing University and met with faculty during a trip there in October.

The UC delegation also included Raj Mehta, deputy dean of international affairs at UC and Thomas Huston, JCI co-director. The UC representatives met with instructors and students in China and its leadership: Dean Zhiqing Zhang, Vice President Yan Jiang and Yafang Mao, director of the internship office. 

A mechanical engineering student shares her experience in the Joint Co-op Institute.

Zhang warmly welcomed the UC delegation. Afterward, 2017 JCI graduates Yueshi Dong (mechanical engineering) and Zanhao Fu (electrical engineering) shared details about their studies and internships at JCI.

Dong said her experience at her internship and working as a Student Orientation Leader at UC expanded her horizons and helped her to define her future direction.

JCI is not only a co-op institute but also a joyful, creative, imaginative and rich internship experience with a colorful campus life, Fu said. It encourages JCI students to explore and have confidence in the ability to challenge themselves.

Pinto thanked the students for their presentations and said these life experiences can help us explore the relationship between professional learning and the real world and inspire us to think about why people need to learn.

An electrical engineering JCI student speaks to American and Chinese leaders of the program.

In the discussion session, 2016 electrical engineering student Siyi Chen shared her three internship experiences in different positions. The diversified experience made her more mature and cherish school life, she said.

A 2017 mechanical engineering student, Shuxuan Du, talked about some of his views on class teaching. He said he's very grateful to many instructors who have cared about the growth of students and provided guidance on their professional and life planning.

JCI members discuss the future of the cooperative institute.

Other students also shared their experiences in learning, work and life. They also made suggestions about improving future planning. In this regard, Pinto and the instructors at the meeting shared their thoughts and constructive opinions. They suggested that the relationship between UC professors and students of JCI should be strengthened. The students' scientific research thinking and ability should be focused to guide the research projects and build a good foundation for future study. At the same time, the communication among all students should be strengthened. The hope is that under the positive influence and driving of the students of JCI, more students in the department will choose to pursue graduate school instead of employment.

At the end of the symposium, Pinto expressed his appreciation for the achievements of JCI and its students.

The goal is for JCI to make both universities stronger.

This article first appeared on Chongqing University's website. Edited and translated by Xiaoqun "Sherry" Liao, UC's Joint Co-op Institute program coordinator.

Members of JCI pose in front of Chongqing University

UC's Joint Co-op Institute 

Learn more about the international partnership between UC and Chongqing University at the JCI homepage

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