Cincinnati City Council recognizes UCPD for accomplishments

Members of UC Public Safety and the Community Compliance Council stand with Cincinnati Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman.

From top left, CCC member Jack Gandy, Public Safety Director James Whalen, UCPD Assistant Chief Dudley Smith, UCPD Capt. Jeffrey Thompson, CCC member Margaret Fox, UCPD Chief Maris Herold, UCPD Capt. Rodney Carter, CCC member Gregory Baker, UCPD Officer Kennerly Newlin, CCC member Judge John West and Cincinnati Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman pose after the Dec. 11, 2019, city council meeting in which the council recognized UC Public Safety for its accomplishments with a resolution. Photo/Kelly Cantwell/UC Public Safety

Cincinnati City Council unanimously approved a resolution on Dec. 11 to recognize the University of Cincinnati Police Division for reform efforts the division has made over the past few years.

Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman brought the resolution to council to commend the UCPD and the Community Compliance Council.

“Since 2015 I am just amazed at the work that has happened at the University of Cincinnati under your leadership, Chairman West, Chief Herold, under your leadership, and Director Whalen, under your leadership,” Vice Mayor Smitherman said.

The resolution highlights the Community Compliance Council, the data-driven approach the UCPD takes to policing, the Critical Decision Making Use of Force model the UCPD has adopted and more.

“Now therefore be it resolved by the council of the City of Cincinnati, State of Ohio, the mayor, the council hereby commend the University of Cincinnati for its active approach to implementing appropriate reforms within the University of Cincinnati Police Division,” the resolution states.

UC Public Safety Director James Whalen, CCC Chairman Judge John West, former UC Public Safety Director of Police Community Relations Gregory Baker, UCPD Chief Maris Herold and many of the UCPD command staff attended, along with other members of the UCPD and the CCC.

“It really means a lot to this police division. ... I want you all to know that it is a really good police department with a lot of good people and good hearts. Again, thank you so much,” Chief Herold said.

The full text of the resolution is below.

COMMENDING the University of Cincinnati for its active approach to reforming the University of Cincinnati Police Division.

WHEREAS, the University of Cincinnati engaged in a top-to-bottom review of the University of Cincinnati Police Division (UCPD) in 2015, resulting in a report detailing 276 standards of excellence the UCPD needed to fulfill; and

WHEREAS, in October 2015 the University of Cincinnati’s Office for Safety and Reform created the Community Advisory Council (CAC) to provide community input and guidance regarding reform efforts of the University of Cincinnati Police Division; and

WHEREAS, University of Cincinnati voluntarily engaged an external monitor to guide UCPD’s compliance with standards that came from the review; and

WHEREAS, the CAC was renamed the Community Compliance Council in January 2019, and now reviews use of force incidents and investigations to determine compliance with UCPD policies and provides community perspectives and insight to the UCPD Chief of Police; and

WHEREAS, UCPD’s reforms have put it on the path to successful accreditation by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Agencies; and

WHEREAS, UCPD’s use of technology and their data-driven platform is regarded as a best practice and allows UCPD to problem-solve complex crime issues in a collaborative manner; and

WHEREAS, UCPD has successfully instituted a recruiting and hiring campaign to diversify its ranks, and has adopted a critical decision-making use of force model which incorporates the sanctity of all human life and emphasizes de-escalation; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Cincinnati, State of Ohio:

Section 1. That the Mayor and this Council hereby commend the University of Cincinnati for its active approach to reforming the University of Cincinnati Police Division.

Section 1. That this resolution be spread upon the minutes of Council and that a copy be sent to the University of Cincinnati.

Featured image at top: City of Cincinnati Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman, on right, reads a resolution congratulationing the University of Cincinnati Public Safety Department on its accomplishments during the Dec. 11, 2019 City Council meeting. Photo/Kimberly Willis/UC Public Safety