Mashable: Can you even meditate without new-age music?

UC's Dr. Rekha Chaudhary weighs in on music's impact on meditation

Swirling synth drones, plucky zither, vibrating gongs, whirring bowls, chirping birds, crashing waves. These sounds have become common backing tracks as a disembodied voice projects from our phones, guiding us to get comfortable and notice our breath.

The rise of meditation apps has kicked off a resurgence of at-home practices heavy on the new-age music and ambient sound. But do you really need music to meditate? And if so, are these nature-inspired tunes with faux-Eastern twists always the best choice when you want to relax?

Dr. Rekha Chaudhary, adjunct associate professor at the UC College of Medicine and UC Health oncologist who is also a member of the UC Center for Intergrative Health and Wellness, provides insight.

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Featured photo courtesy of Unsplash/JD Mason.