Still beauty

Image gallery captures a rare look at the University of Cincinnati at rest

Spring at the University of Cincinnati is normally among the most vibrant and lively times to experience one of the world’s most beautiful urban campuses.

These days, however, the place is nearly empty as tens of thousands of students, faculty and staff do their part to slow the spread of coronavirus by self-quarantining. While classrooms and labs sit empty and normally busy green spaces remain quiet — except for the sounds of singing birds and trickling water features — there is beauty in the stillness. 


Bench along O'Varsity Way

O'Varsity Way is normally a crowded thoroughfare, especially for UC athletes, coaches and staff who frequent the Richard E. Lindner Athletic Center. Photo/Matt Green/MasseyGreenAVP for UC

Campus Green

Campus Green would usually be dotted by students soaking in the warmth of a spring sun. Photo/Matt Green/MasseyGreenAVP for UC

Stone lions at the foot of McMicken Hall

The iconic stone lions at the foot of McMicken Hall see few visitors making their way into what is commonly a busy breezeway. Photo/Matt Green/MasseyGreenAVP for UC

Engineering quad emptied of students

As dramatic as an empty campus may be, this normally bustling engineering quad is even more arresting when viewed in black and white. Photo/Matt Green/MasseyGreenAVP for UC

Daffodil in bloom next to the Engineering Research Center

Though few are there to enjoy them, the daffodils are in full bloom across campus, including next to the Engineering Research Center. Photo/Matt Green/MasseyGreenAVP for UC

Catskeller in the dark

The usually popular Catskeller campus pub on the first floor of Tangemen University Center is quiet just like the rest of the student union. Photo/Matt Green/MasseyGreenAVP for UC

The Engineering Research Center as the sun sets

Though normally busy at all hours, here the sun sets on a lonely Engineering Research Center. Photo/Matt Green/MasseyGreenAVP for UC

Featured image at top: Morning along MainStreet this time of year is typically among the most energetic spots on campus. All Photos by/Matt Green/MasseyGreenAVP taken with permission to create UC's new virtual tour.

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