Pampered by pets during pandemic

UC faculty, staff and students enjoy buddy system TLC while working from home

While the office is at home the pets will roam — onto our keyboards, files and into our laps.

As coronavirus has forced most to social distance, pets have become the new supervisors, coworkers and even therapeutic Zen for many UC faculty, staff and students.

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Two chickens stand on a patio chair near a table with a laptop.

Elizabeth Kopras completes her COM pulmonary lab work from home in Morning View, Ky., with help from her coworkers "Why" and "Sparkles."

Two brown horses stand near a patio table with a laptop.

While working on campus, Kopras usually raids her coworkers' snacks. But at home, "Magic" and "Freedom" raid her desk for treats.

Black and white cat staring out a window.

Bimbo reminds his work-from-home mom that he needs a play break once in awhile.

UC's Greer Glazer, dean of College of nursing, kneels with her black lab on a carpet.

UC's Greer Glazer, dean of UC College of Nursing, and Atticus, working together from home.

Two dogs sleep in front of TV.

Emma and Jerry appear to be sleeping on the job.

Striped cat on a table next to a laptop computer and coffee mug.

Dr. Loki is providing close supervision.

UC Bearcat mascot statue wearing C-paw shirt and PPE mask.

Tom Tsuchiya's 'Bearcat' stands in tribute to UC Health for keeping the Bearcat community safe.

A girl and her cat sit in front of a fireplace working on a laptop computer.

Skittles encourages Madison as she studies for her UC finals in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Daschund dog on front of a computer screen.

Oscar keeps a close eye on Krista Mulcahy's work from home.

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White Poodle lying on a patio couch.

Tyberius 'Ty' Rex takes a break on the patio.

Little black dog stands on desk chair in front of a laptop computer.

Stephanie's assistant hard at work without her. Employee of the month goes to CoCo Davis!

Woman stands in front of college whiteboard teaching chemistry with her dog.

As professor Vonderheide teaches from an empty classroom, Newman enjoys learning chemistry, too (except osmosis).

Close-up of brown and white dog's face.

English Springer Spaniel Pippi hopes the work is done, as there are more serious things to do in the yard.

White cat's face looking over top of laptop screen.

Ziva closely supervises Laura's work.

Two dogs; a yellow lab and a Brittany mix lying on a couch together..

Chester (left) and Penny (right) keep a close eye on Janet Pope while making sure she doesn't leave the house.

Girl wearing glasses with her cat standing on the back of her chair.

While watching for intruders, Boba Fett keeps a close eye on Molly Scruta's work from home.

White dog lying on a bed.

Mabel spends her time lounging and eating extra snacks while the whole Bach family works from home.

Two dachshund dogs dressed in aprons.

Leisl and Rolf are ready for spring.

Two black cats. One standing on a desk, the other on the floor next to a scratching post.

Grayson (on desk) and Parker (on floor) keep tabs on how long Mary Warmin steps away from her work.

Orange and white cate sitting on a desk with books.

Digby is Jessica Ebert's office buddy while she works from home.

Black cat staring out the window at a bird eating at a feeder.

Blackie stepped away from his office duties to check out an intruder not wearing a mask.

Split screen with a black French Bulldog in each screen.

George likes to start the morning with a little yoga on Dawn Evans' mat.

Two Welsh Terriers stand in a window.

Welsh Terriers Ivy and Milo make sure Elias Aidun takes hourly breaks.

UC Bearcat sitting in sports arena wearing a PPE mask.

UC Bearcat's work during the quarantine is very lonely.

A chinchilla sits on a desk chair.

Buddy the chinchilla often takes over Jessica Brawand's work when she takes a break.

Gray cat lying next to a large basket.

Nicole Mori's home office manager keeps an eye on her work.

Two fluffy cats curled up in an upholstered chair.

Corie (tortie) and Ethel (black/white) snuggle to the sound of typing as Angela Koenig writes UC News from home.

Two black cats lying on separate perches on a cat tree.

Social distancing is the norm for Scat and Panda Schefft.

Brown dog looks at a laptop computer on top of a piano.

Illi helps Ellen Graham teach a virtual voice lesson.

Black dog wearing a Cincinnati Law T-shirt.

Chad Vondenhuevel's dog Rosie proudly represents Cincinnati Law.

Brown and white cat lying in front of a laptop computer.

Laurel makes it tough for Nancy Schulte to grade her communication students' work.

Golden French Bulldog sits in black leather chair.

Quiche clocks in for another day at the (home) office.

Gray and black stripped cat stands on bed staring at laptop computer.

Tresha's remote coworker Whiskers hard at work.

Black and white cat lying on a bed.

Julia Mace stays on track with constant supervision by Freddy.

Striped cat sits on a man's lap with his head buried in man's hand..

Liesl takes a break after helping Gary DeVoe keep UC CoM's IT humming.

Two cats lying on a desk surrounded by typewriter, keyboard and toy dinosaurs.

May be time to move the home office to another room.

Orange cat sitting on window shutters staring out a window.

MacDara keeps a close quarantine watch from Michael Cook's home office in Lebanon, OH.

Two black dogs look up from a kitchen floor.

Fritz and Remus guard Jessica Martin from any unmasked intruders.

Mainecoon cat sitting between its owner's feet looking up.

Fluff wonders why his mom pounds on a flat silver thing all day.

A tuxedo black and white cat sitting on a desk chair.

Stella Luggen's new coworker, Luna, steals the best chair in the home office.

Woman with striped cat on her shoulders.

Keara and Shadow take a break between online classes at home in Springboro, Ohio.

Two Yorkie dogs sitting on a couch.

Hudy and Shandy waiting for their walk/play time.

White cat in front of a man wearing earphones.

Sid helps keep UC's network up and running.

Woman hugging a German Shepard dog.

Maria Mallory attends a UC international team meeting with her dog, Jane.

Man sits on couch holding a striped cat.

John enjoys working with his study buddy, Rufus.

Pink paper origami dog with string leash

Angela Livengood learns origami to relax and to create her new doggie (sadly she doesn't have a real pet).

Brown dog with tongue sticking out wear red bandana.

Snickerdoodle makes sure his home workers take required snack breaks.

White dog wearing black rimmed glasses.

Mabel Bach sees a bright future in her new supervisory role.

Yellow lab dog sleeping on bed.

Tyler Adams dog Rylie enjoying the day off in Northeast Ohio.

White dog wearing glasses at a sewing machine.

Kim Hasselfeld's dog Charlie is a regular on her social media channels.

Long haired Siamese cat sleeping on a closed laptop.

Zoe had a long day helping UC business student Brock Cousin learn from home.

Woman wearing face shield holding a red paper heart.

Corinne Lehmann helps out on #GivingTuesdayNow at UC's Infectious Disease Center.

White Poodle dog lying on bed with front paws stretched out.

Ronda Gerard spends another day at the home office with Ferris.

A cement pet T-Rex keeps Rachel Richardson's Milford neighbors entertained.

A cat sits in a pet bed surrounded by socks wearing an "I steal socks" sign.

Sebastian Richardson oversees the indoor antics.

Mandy Pack of UC Health's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has two dogs to keep her company: Gracie (left) and Scarlet (right).

A one-eyed orange cat lies next to a laptop computer.

Rescue Rory remains closeby.

black and orange cats in a cat bed.

Blackie and Rory Richardson.

Brown dog wearing a suit jacket and tie.

Jackson McDaniel.

Women in chair with orange cat on back of chair,

Mandy Pack's grandmother is never far from her cat Ziggy.

Yellow French Bulldog sits beside laptop computer.

Jac Kern's French Bulldog Quiche stands guard nearby.

Two cats snuggle together on a couch.

Cats Yeti (black and white) and Sven (fluffy striped) hug it out while Katie Pence works from her laptop at the other end of the couch.

Man sits on patio with a black lab and a yellow lab dogs.

Christy Holland, UC professor of medicine and biomedical engineering, shared a shot of her two dogs (and husband).

small schnauzer dog covered in homemade face masks for COVID-19.

Charlie helps Kim Hasselfeld create homemade masks.

Orange and white cat sleeping in chair with arm hanging over.

William Elaban's cat Pumpkin clearly not interested in remote learning.

Featured image at top: UC photographer Colleen Kelley's cat Frankie keeps a close eye on her photo editing while she works from home. Photo/Colleen Kelley/UC Creative + Brand

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