WCPO: Cincinnati's Lost Year: Pandemic fuels increase in gun violence, anxiety, depression

UC faculty member Edward Wallace cited as expert in series on Cincinnati residents in crisis

In a three-part series on the effects of the pandemic in Cincinnati, Edward Wallace, a UC expert in Africana studies, speaks to how the health crisis has exacerbated issues in minority and low-income households.

Wallace told the I-Team the pandemic reveals the effects of systemic racism for many predominately low-income African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods already lacking access to quality health care, education, housing and employment opportunities.

"Not only haven't we learned much, but we haven't done anything to prevent it from actually getting worse," Wallace said.

Proffessor Wallace has focused much of his research on public health in minority communities.

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Featured image at top of Cincinnati skyline. Photo/Rafik Wahba/Unsplash. 

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