AP News: Ohio’s New Congressional Map

UC political scientist David Niven comments on redistricting map

A final congressional map for Ohio sprinted through the Legislature and was signed by Republican Gov. Mike DeWine— all in less than five days. The map only received Republican support, meaning it will endure for only four years, not a whole decade as the process envisions.

Maps that are drawn to overly advantage one political party, are called gerrymandering.

“I am absolutely aware that gerrymandering is kind of abstract, and it invites a certain eye glaze when you start talking about it…but it also touches every single issue that you care about,” said David Niven, an associate professor in UC’s Department of Political Science.  

Niven teaches American politics and conducts research on campaigns, political communication and death penalty policy.

Read the article, which appeared in Spectrum News 1 story, but originally appeared in the Associated Press.  

Niven’s commentary on redistricting and how it affects Black voters also appeared in The Washington Post.  

Featured image of Ohio legislators: AP  

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