Direct Industry: The move to eco-friendly cosmetics

As smaller cosmetics brands have focused on making more sustainable and environmentally friendly products, major brands in the industry are also taking similar steps.

Dr. KP Ananth, professor and director of the Cosmetic Science Program at the University of Cincinnati's James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, said there has been a concerted effort in the industry over the last decade to move toward ingredients, processes and packaging that is more environmentally friendly.

"They are actively working towards getting to a greener world and these actions are further fuelled by changes in the global regulatory framework and the consumer demand for greener and sustainable products," he told Direct Industry Magazine.

Ananth said he is optimistic about where the industry is headed in this area, as bio-sourced ingredients become more popular and bio-based plastics help reduce waste issues that arise when using conventional plastics for packaging.

"For water-based products like shampoos and body washes, dilutable concentrates may become more popular, as this will reduce transportation costs as well as plastic usage,” he said.

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