UC faculty are trusted media sources during Ukraine/Russia conflict

Faculty cited as experts by local, regional, national and international media during crisis

In early February, weeks before the current Russian invasion, The Christian Science Monitor published a feature on cyberspace as the new frontier of warfare, and how cyber-attacks could evolve to the level of breaching NATO’s Article 5 (an attack against one is an attack against all).

“Strategy as it’s currently being pioneered is less about trying to arrest all hacking operations — an unrealistic prospect given the interconnectedness of the internet — as it is to understand and shape them so allies can better protect themselves,” said Professor Richard Harknett, director of UC’s School of Public and International Affairs, who was among leading experts cited in the article.     

At the time of publication, a Russian ground invasion of Ukraine was suspect, but not yet a reality.

Once the invasion started, however, Harknett and several members of the school's faculty received a flurry of media calls for their expertise in not only cybersecurity but also in all elements of war, military operations, American foreign policy, grand strategy and nuclear strategy.

For example, once the Russians had advanced into the Ukraine, Brendan Green, associate professor of public and international affairs, who is an expert on international affairs specific to the Ukraine, was featured on ABC News, Australia. The interview has been syndicated globally.

Other experts, who are cited in media include Ivan Dinev Ivanov and  Gregory Winger, both on faculty in the School of Public and International Affairs, and Willard Sunderland, a professor in UC's Department of History, in the College of Arts and Sciences.  

Media mentions, in date order: 

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