UC business graduate continues to offer financial education

John Eringman uses TikTok, media appearances to spread message

University of Cincinnati alumnus John Eringman, who offers financial education to millions of people on TikTok, is continuing to reach new audiences.

Eringman, who graduated with a finance degree from the Carl H. Lindner College of Business in December 2018, appeared on WLWT to talk about becoming a full-time social media content creator and offer financial tips.

"I always tell people that it's important to manage your money as a young person, you know, growing up because you don't want to make those early money mistakes," Eringman told WLWT. "You know, a lot of people will come out of college and buy a brand-new car and finance it at like 10% and it's just, you know, you need to understand like how money works, so you can avoid those money mistakes. And that's why again, TikTok was a great platform, because I, you know, it's Gen Z, it's Millennials and all that. So I can teach them about finance, educate them on money, before they make those detrimental mistakes."

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Featured image: John Eringman in his home studio. Screenshot courtesy of WLWT video.

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