WATCH: CCM Acting presents 'The Disappearance' short film

Written by Mike McPhaden and directed by DArcy Smith, the mysterious drama stars CCM Acting students

Watch a short film from UC College-Conservatory Music's Acting Department and Media Production Division. Titled The Disappearance, the short fictional drama is an original concept by CCM Acting Professor D'Arcy Smith and screenwriter Mike McPhaden. 

The story focuses on the mysterious disappearance of a college student, and his classmates who are impacted when he goes missing. The short film was produced by Media Production students and features performances by CCM Acting students. Watch The Disappearance below.

The Disappearance
Original Concept by D’Arcy Smith and Mike McPhaden
Featuring CCM Acting students | Short film by CCM Media Production

  • Director: D’Arcy Smith 
  • Writer: Mike McPhaden 
  • Director of Photography: Caleb Smiley 
  • Second Camera Op: Clark Comstock 
  • Sound Recording: Kerry Stephens 
  • Music Composition: Haruka Iioshha 
  • Editor: Jonathan Kilberg
  • Rylie: Rin Wallace 
  • Dylan: Duncan Weinland 
  • Andy: Anastasia Jacques 
  • Fitz: Frankie Chuter 
  • Collin: Cameron Nalley 
  • Robbie: Reid Robison 
  • Chloe: Carlee Coulehan 
  • Keira: Kayla Temshiv 
  • Amelia: Amanda Nelson 
  • Sybil: Sydney Miles 
  • Simone: Sierra Coachman 
  • Jack: Jason Pavlovich 
  • Lawrence: Charles Gidney 
  • Odette: Olivia Buss 
  • Liam: Lucas Prizant 

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