Flyover Future: Expert talks politics in relation to security

UC political scientist Richard Harknett speaks to cyber security

Professor Richard Harknett is often cited by media for his expertise in cyber security. As the director of UC’s School of Public and International Affairs, 

Harknett’s expertise was showcased by Future Flyer, with a Q & A on cyber security and what UC is doing to be on the forefront of education in information technology.

For example, when asked “What is the relationship between cyberspace and physical security?”, he responds:

“In the terrestrial space, we came up with protocols on law enforcement, where the state and the private sector separate. And we’re still trying to feel our way through time, even though we’re 30 some odd years into this space, what those core relationships are. There’s a general allergy to anything that smacks of regulatory constraints. We need some better rules of the road in terms of roles and responsibilities."

Harknett has two decades of research invested in the charge to secure government and private data. His book, “Cyber Persistence Theory: Redefining National Security in Cyberspace,” with Michael Fischerkeller and Emily Goldman, was released on May 20.

Listen to the interview

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