LawnStarter: 2022’s most LGBTQ-friendly cities

PhD student Kyle Schupe contributes to Q & A on the attributes LGBTQ-friendly cities

In a LawnStarter article, sociology PhD student Kyle Schupe provides insight into what qualities he thinks a city should have to be LGBQT friendly. The article notes that Cincinnati is #31 out of 196 ranked.

Schupe was one of several academics who were asked questions related to what makes a city “friendly” on the LawnStarter blog (i.e., What are the hallmarks of the best LGBTQ city? What can cities do to protect their LGBTQ communities from the wave of new state anti-LGBTQ legislation? What are the three biggest changes likely for LGBTQ Americans if a red wave sweeps the House and Senate in the midterms?).

The blog also cited Cincinnati as having the most LBGQT-friendly health care providers per 100,000 residents.

Read Shupe’s answers.

Featured image at top of Cincinnati skline courtesy of Unsplash.

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