Doximity ranks two UC residency programs third in the U.S.

Emergency Medicine and Medicine/Pediatrics tops list

Two College of Medicine residency programs have both been ranked third in the country for clinical experience for their specialties by Doximity's 2022-2023 Residency Navigator.

The College of Medicine and UC Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency Program and the Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program were ranked among the best in the country.

“We are a proud program where Emergency Medicine residency training began. Our first resident was in 1970, so we are the oldest program in the country and, as the cradle of the specialty, it is certainly our responsibility to maintain that special place,” says Arthur Pancioli, MD, the Richard C. Levy Endowed Chair for Emergency Medicine. “While these survey methodologies are highly imperfect, it is nice to be recognized as one of the apical programs in our field. There were 276 programs ranked so it’s nice to be in the top echelon.”

Pancioli credited Emergency Medicine Program director and professor Erin McDonough, MD, for leading the four-year residency program. “Dr. McDonough and our five assistant program directors are a team of absolute rock stars,” he says.

Pancioli calls the department faculty “the best” and says that the new expanded Emergency Department facility being constructed at UC Medical Center will create one of the finest emergency medicine centers anywhere. The nearly 80,000-square-foot facility has been designed not only for the best patient care, but also to provide residents and students great educational opportunities in addition to supporting a very active research agenda.

Healthcare Exploration Program with Arthur M. Pancioli, MD

Arthur Pancioli, MD, Richard C. Levy Endowed Chair for Emergency Medicine

“Year over year, the thing that has been just stunning to me, is how every class of residents makes the place better,” Pancioli notes. “With 14 residents in a class, their collective efforts and the constant level of attention that they put not only on their own education but on making the place better just warms my heart.” He adds that he still reads the applications for every person who interviews for a residency position and talks with every applicant “because I want them to know that from the top of this program all the way we all care that much.”

Jennifer O’Toole, MD, professor in the departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, who serves as the Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program director, credits current and past residents as the best recruiters to the Medicine/Pediatrics program.

“All of our residents are amazing, passionate, and dynamic individuals that are extremely committed to their patients and to each other. When applicants meet them, they are immediately drawn to their energy and spirit – they truly are our best recruiters and are the reason we have the reputation we have nationally,” O’Toole says.

The program has a class of seven residents annually and includes both acute care and primary care tracks. Residents see patients at both UC Medical Center and Cincinnati Children’s with rare diseases and work alongside subspecialists. They also get an immense amount of exposure to “bread-and-butter” pediatrics and internal medicine via general inpatient services and ambulatory experiences.

“Our Med-Peds residency is extremely lucky to be paired with two outstanding categorical programs and health care systems that offer our residents a broad array of clinical experiences during their four years of training. A Med-Peds program cannot exist without strong support from the departments of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine; so, we are grateful for the strong, continued support from our chairs, Drs. John Byrd and Tina Cheng, and our partnering categorical program directors, Drs. Eric Warm and Sue Poynter-Wong.”

Jennifer K. O'Toole, MD, MEd

Jennifer O’Toole, MD, Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program director.

“I think this ranking does represent our reputation with students and other programs across the country, which is very flattering,” O’Toole adds. “Currently, three of our residents, Drs. Maria Siow, Salima Sewani and Nicole Demari, are serving on the Board of Directors of the National Med-Peds Residency Association and our faculty have local and national reputations for their work in medical education, DEI efforts, and population health.”

Two residency programs at Cincinnati Children's—Pediatrics and Child Neurology—also were each ranked third in the country. 

Doximity, an online professional network for U.S. physicians, asked verified physician members who are current residents or recent residency graduates to review their residency experiences. Additional data, such as research output for each residency program’s current residents and recent alumni base, also is used to calculate the rankings in the Doximity Residency Navigator, a tool to help medical students make informed residency decisions and to increase transparency in the residency match process.

The only programs ranking ahead of the UC Emergency Medicine Residency Program are the University of Southern California/LAC+USC Medical Center in Los Angeles and Denver Health Medical Center. Ahead of the Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program are the University of North Carolina Hospitals and Brigham and Women's Hospital/Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School.


Photos/University of Cincinnati

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