What is tuition remission?

How is it different from tuition reimbursement?

At the University of Cincinnati, we put education into action. Not just for our students, but also for employees. One of the biggest benefits of working in higher education is the opportunity to advance your skills, career and knowledge through tuition remission programs.

What is tuition remission?

Tuition remission is different than tuition reimbursement. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement, which means you (the employee) pays upfront, and if you meet the conditions attached to reimbursement, the employer will pay you back. Typically, there is a cap of $5,250 per year.

Tuition remission means that your employer helps to finance your education. If you choose to pursue additional education at the University of Cincinnati, UC will help cover the costs. UC’s benefit package includes undergraduate or graduate tuition in almost all programs. Say you have always considered getting your M.B.A. or a PhD but didn’t want to take on the financial burden. As an employee at UC, you won’t have to. At UC, we invest in our leaders and professionals.

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Who qualifies for tuition remission?

When you work at UC, you can begin enjoying the benefits of tuition remission without a long wait. It becomes available the semester that begins after the first of the month following 28 days of employment. Tuition remission benefits mean that UC believes in you and your potential. We want to see you grow and succeed and we’re willing to invest in your future.

And the best part? It isn’t limited to just you. Tuition remission benefits can cover the employee, the employee’s spouse or domestic partner and the employee’s dependents. If you’ve been balancing a career and a family, rest assured knowing your children can get a UC degree and graduate with no student debt.

What courses are eligible for tuition remission?

Employees and their families can choose from UC’s undergraduate and graduate programs. Not looking to make the time commitment but still want to invest in your professional growth? Opt for one of UC’s many graduate certificates in an area that will enhance your career. There is no cap on the number of credit hours — the only limit is your desire to learn.

Start by reflecting on your professional goals. Which of UC’s degrees and programs will get you to the next level?

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