WLWT: UC hosts RESET epilepsy trial

WLWT recently highlighted the RESET study, a trial at the University of Cincinnati that will study a new treatment for the most severe and deadly form of epilepsy.

Brandon Foreman, MD, site principal investigator at UC for the trial being conducted across approximately 50 hospital emergency departments across the country, told WLWT the study focuses on a condition called status epilepticus (SE).

"About 10 percent of the folks who have seizures, when they come into the emergency department, are having status epilepticus," said Foreman, associate professor and associate director of neurocritical care research in the Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine in UC’s College of Medicine and a UC Health physician. SE is a disorder Foreman described as "seizures that don't stop." 

The trial will test a new drug, ganaxolone, a neurosteroid your brain produces that can help stop seizures that won't end on their own.

"So, the promise with this medication is if you're still having seizures, despite that kind of class, one level of evidence medication...that we can give this medication and it sort of fits in at that point. Hopefully, we'll stop the seizures," Foreman said.

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WLWT: UC hosts RESET epilepsy trial

May 3, 2023

WLWT spoke with the University of Cincinnati's Brandon Foreman about a clinical trial testing a new treatment for status epilepticus, the most severe and deadly form of epilepsy.